Old School Freight TrainOld School Freight TrainCD11Courthouse Records
Pickin' on Wilco: Casino Side (A Bluegrass Tribute)Old School Freight TrainCD12CMH RecordsCMH-88620027297886223
Blue Safari: The Bluegrass Tribute to AirOld School Freight TrainCD12CMH RecordsCD 8890027297889026
Pickin' on Coldplay: A Bluegrass TributeOld School Freight TrainCD10CMH RecordsCMHH 8856027297885622
RunOld School Freight TrainCD12Acoustic Disc0715949106125
Corporate Love Breakdown: The Bluegrass Tribute to RadioheadOld School Freight TrainCD12CMH Records
Live in AshlandOld School Freight TrainCD13OSFT-0601
Six Years (Advance)Old School Freight Train(unknown)11RED (aka RED Distribution, "An Artist Development Company")
Six YearsOld School Freight TrainCD11RED Distribution, LLC (a US division of Sony Music Entertainment)
Not Like the OthersOld School Freight TrainCD11[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]

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