Chris Slade

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member of:MIWA (LA based metal band) (ended: drums (drum set))
The Firm (hard rock supergroup)
The Chris Slade Timeline
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (from 1972 until 1978)
Uriah Heep (from 1979 until 1981)
AC/DC (Australian hard rock band) (from 1989 until 1994, from 2015 to present: drums (drum set))
Asia (UK progressive rock band) (from 1999 until 2005: percussion, drums (drum set))
Michael Schenker Group (from 2008 until 2009)
original member of:Chris Slade Steel Circle (AC/DC Tribute band)
Terra Nova (Ex-Members of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) (background vocals, percussion, membranophone)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1976Blinded by the LightpercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band7:07
1976Blinded by the Lightdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band7:07
1976Questionsdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:58
1976QuestionspercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:58
1976StarbirdpercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:08
1976Starbirddrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:08
1976The Road to BabylonpercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band6:52
1976The Road to Babylondrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band6:52
1976This Side of ParadisepercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:45
1976This Side of Paradisedrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:45
1976Waiter, There’s a Yawn in My EarpercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:38
1976Waiter, There’s a Yawn in My Eardrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:38
2002-02-20Bad Asteroiddrums (drum set)Asia4:39
[Introductions]drums (drum set)David Gilmour2:34
2 Minutes to Midnightdrums (drum set)Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Kotzen, Bob Kulick, Tony Franklin & Chris Slade6:22
All Lovers Are Derangeddrums (drum set)David Gilmour5:01
Are You Readydrums (drum set)AC/DC4:10
As Above So Below (recorded live)membranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:17
As Above So Below (recorded live)percussion [Concussion]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:17
Ashes to the WindmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band2:15
Be Not Too Harddrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:14
Be Not Too Hard (single edit)drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:39
Black and BluemembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band7:22
Black and Bluedrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band6:44
Blue Lightdrums (drum set)David Gilmour10:19
BuddahmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band7:00
Buddahdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band7:04
Californiadrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:32
CaliforniapercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:32
California Coastlinedrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band2:50
California CoastlinemembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band2:48
California Coastline (single mono version)membranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band2:47
Call Out My Namedrums (drum set)MIWA5:34
Calling Lady LovepercussionTerra Nova1:54
Calling Lady LovemembranophoneTerra Nova1:54
Captain Bobby Scoutdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band7:00
Captain Bobby StoutmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band6:54
Captain Bobby Stout / Glorified Magnifieddrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band10:23
Chicago InstitutepercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:49
Chicago Institutedrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:49
Circlesdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:50
CirclespercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:50
Closerdrums (drum set)The Firm2:54
Cloudy EyesmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:30
Cloudy Eyesdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:37
Cloudy Eyes (single edit)drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:31
Come Make My DaymembranophoneAsia5:01
Comfortably Numbdrums (drum set)David Gilmour10:05
CountdownmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:06
Countdownpercussion [Concussion]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:06
CrossfademembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:40
Crossfadepercussion [Concussion]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:40
Davy’s on the Road Againdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:57
Davy’s on the Road AgainpercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:57
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheapdrums (drum set)MIWA5:17
Dirty LovemembranophoneTerra Nova5:27
Dirty LovepercussionTerra Nova5:27
Down HomemembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:14
Drowning on Dry Land / Fish Soupdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band6:02
Drowning on Dry Land / Fish SouppercussionManfred Mann’s Earth Band6:02
Earth Hymndrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band6:21
Earth Hymn Part 2drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:19
Earth Hymn Part 2a (single edit)drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:13
Earth Hymn, Part 2drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:15
Earth, the Circle, Part 1drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:48
Earth, the Circle, Part 2drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:24
Fat NellymembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:20
Fat Nellypercussion [Concussion]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:20
Father of Day, Father of Nightdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band9:55
Father of Day, Father of Nightdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band8:11
Father of Day, Father of Night (edited version)drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:03
Fire Your Gunsdrums (drum set)AC/DC2:54
Get Your Rocks Offdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band2:49
Get Your Rocks OffmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band2:56
Give Me the Good Earthdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band8:31
Give Me the Good Earthdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band8:33
Glorified MagnifiedmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:35
Glorified MagnifiedmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:41
Goodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luckdrums (drum set)AC/DC3:14
Got You by the Ballsdrums (drum set)AC/DC4:30
Hands of TimemembranophoneAsia6:31
Hey JudemembranophoneTim “Ripper” Owens, George Lynch, Bob Kulick, Tim Bogert & Chris Slade5:22
I'll Be Gone (single edit)drums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:29
I'm Gonna Have You AllmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:19
I’ll Be Gonedrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:40
I’m Gonna Have You AllmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:16
I’m Up and I’m Leavingdrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:06
I’m Up and I’m LeavingmembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:07
If You Daredrums (drum set)AC/DC3:08
In the Beginning, Darknessdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:23
Incorporating ReplypercussionTerra Nova4:02
Incorporating ReplymembranophoneTerra Nova4:02
Innocencedrums (drum set)Asia7:21
Intro / Spirits in the Night (live)drums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band10:52
It's All Over Now Baby Blue (single version)membranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:11
It’s All Over Now, Baby BluemembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:26
Joybringerdrums (drum set) [Fibes drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band3:25
Jump Sturdydrums (drum set)Manfred Mann’s Earth Band4:54
Jump SturdymembranophoneManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:49
Launching Placedrums (drum set) [Fibes Drums]Manfred Mann’s Earth Band5:51
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1976Blinded by the Lightbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band7:07
1976Questionsbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:58
1976Starbirdbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band3:08
1976The Road to Babylonbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band6:52
1976This Side of Paradisebackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band4:45
1976Waiter, There’s a Yawn in My Earbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band5:38
Calling Lady LoveTerra Nova1:54
Captain Bobby Stout / Glorified Magnifiedbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band10:23
Dirty LoveTerra Nova5:27
Father of Day, Father of Nightbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band8:11
Incorporating ReplyTerra Nova4:02
Intro / Spirits in the Night (live)background vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band10:52
Nice and EasyTerra Nova5:45
On My WayTerra Nova5:32
Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)background vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band11:12
Quitting Timebackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band6:48
RingtailTerra Nova12:12
Singing the Dolphin Throughbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band8:16
Well Well Wellbackground vocalsManfred Mann’s Earth Band17:57
Wheels Within WheelsTerra Nova5:01
White RoseTerra Nova5:07
1979Conquestdrums (drum set)Uriah Heep
1979Conquest (Expanded De-Luxe Edition)percussionUriah Heep
1979Conquestdrums (drum set)Uriah Heep
1979ConquestpercussionUriah Heep
1979ConquestpercussionUriah Heep
1979Conquest (Remastered re-release)drums (drum set)Uriah Heep
1979Conquest (Remastered re-release)percussionUriah Heep
1979Conquest (Expanded De-Luxe Edition)drums (drum set)Uriah Heep
1990 – 1991Livedrums (drum set)AC/DC
1990 – 1991Live (special collector’s edition)drums (drum set)AC/DC
Auradrums (drum set)Asia
Flying Doesn't HelpmembranophoneAnthony More
I, Assassinmembranophone and percussionGary Numan
Live (collector’s edition)drums (drum set)AC/DC
Live (special collector’s edition)drums (drum set)AC/DC
Silent Nationdrums (drum set)Asia
Silent NationmembranophoneAsia
As Above So Below
Look Around
Wheels Within Wheels
Look Around
Wheels Within Wheels
Drowning on Dry LandSlade
Earth Hymn
Earth Hymn, Part 2
In the Beginning, Darkness
My Joanna Needs Tuning
Pluto the Dog
Solar Fire
Time Is Right
Your Love