Wale (US rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Take a Chance Monica feat. Wale 3:44
Take This Ring Wale ?:??
Take U Home Meek Mill feat. Wale & Big Sean 4:23
Talkin Shyt Wale & 9th Wonder feat. Bun B & Dre 2:10
Tasty (skit) Wale 1:34
Tats on My Arm Wale feat. Ross 3:59
Tell Me Wale ?:??
Thank God Wale 3:11
Thank You (Freestyle) Wale 4:11
That Way Wale feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross 4:29
That Way Wale feat. Rick Ross & Jeremih 4:29
That Way Wale feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross 4:31
The Ambitious Girl Wale 2:35
The Artistic Integrity Wale 3:21
The Black n Gold Wale feat. Sam Sparro 4:13
The Bloom (AG3) Wale 5:22
The Bmore Club Slam Wale 3:58
The Body Wale feat. Jeremih 3:52
The Break Up Song Wale 3:07
The Breeze DJ Hard Hitta feat. Wiz Khalifa & Wale 4:37
The Breeze (Cool) Wale feat. Wiz Khalifa & Tre 5 4:37
The Breeze Cool Wiz Khalifa feat. Wale & Trae 4:37
The Chess Match Wale 1:15
The Chicago Falcon Remix Wale feat. The Budos Band 3:08
The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (It's the Remix Baby!) Wale 3:59
The Cloud Wale feat. Tiara Thomas 2:26
The Crazy Wale 3:03
The Curse of the Gifted Wale 4:32
The Deep End Wale 4:16
The Deep End Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Wale feat. Pusha T 4:13
The End Credits Wale 5:54
The Eyes of the Tiger Wale 3:53
The Eyes of the Tiger Wale 3:54
The Feature Heavy Song Wale feat. Bun B, Pusha T & Tre 3:36
The Forward by G Mogul Wale 2:00
The Freestyle (Roc Boys) Wale 4:12
The Friends n Strangers Wale feat. Tre 3:58
The Get Away (Fly Away) Wale feat. Northeast Groovers 4:14
The Get Back Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Wale 2:20
The Girls on Drugs Wale 4:09
The Glass Egg Wale 4:47
The God Smile Wale 5:17
The Greatness Raheem DeVaughn feat. Wale USJI10900809 4:10
The Grown Up Wale 4:07
The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands) Waka Flocka Flame feat. Wale & Roscoe Dash 4:08
The Hater Wale 1:33
The Helium Balloon Wale 4:48
The Hype Wale 5:52
The Intro About Nothing Wale 4:20
The Kramer Wale 4:13
The Light Wale 3:19
The Manipulation Wale 4:15
The Manipulation, Part 2 Wale 3:11
The Matrimony Wale feat. Usher 6:36
The MC Wale 3:35
The Middle Finger Wale 4:01
The Motivation (Be Right) Wale feat. Dre 3:31
The Motto Meek Mill feat. Wale 3:48
The Movie 2 Chainz, Wale & Young Dose 4:02
The Need to Know Wale feat. SZA 3:37
The Number Won (Competition) Wale 3:01
The One Eye Kitten Song Wale feat. Travis Porter 3:08
The One Time in Houston Wale 5:48
The Opening Title Sequence Wale 2:42
The People Wale 3:10
The Perfect Plan Wale 2:53
The Pessimist Wale feat. J. Cole 4:32
The Podium Wale feat. Black Cobain, Tre & Tone P 6:02
The Posse Cut Wale 3:10
The Posse Cut (Who Don't) Wale feat. Fat Trel & Black Cobain 3:09
The Power Wale feat. Avery Storm 3:42
The Problem Wale 4:06
The Remake of a Remake (All I Need) Wale feat. Tawiah 2:59
The Right One Wale feat. Hit-Boy 3:08
The Roots Song Wale Is On Wale feat. Chrisette Michele 1:36
The Show Wale feat. Rick Ross & Aaron Wess 3:45
The Skit (Untz Untz) Wale 2:21
The Soup Wale 3:29
The Star Wale 5:52
The Success Wale 2:58
The Summer League Wale feat. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign 2:02
The Summer League Wale feat. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign 2:10
The Sun Wale & 9th Wonder feat. Memphis Bleek 2:37
The Trip (Downtown) Wale 4:35
The Vacation From Ourselves Wale 4:21
The War Wale feat. Daniel Merriweather 5 4:27
The Way You Move KingPen Slim feat. Wale, STS & Phil Ade 4:22
The White Shoes Wale 4:30
The Work (Workin) Wale 5 2:13
The Zenith Wale & Stalley feat. Rick Ross 4:30
Theory 11.1.11 Wale 1:59
They Warming Up Kane Wale ?:??
This Thing of Ours Wale & Omarion feat. Rick Ross & Nas 4:06
Thought It Wale feat. Ty & Joe Moses 3:00
Til the Sun Up Wale 2:22
Tired of Dreaming Wale feat. Ne‐Yo & Rick Ross 3:55
Tired of Dreaming Rick Ross feat. Ne‐Yo & Wale 3:54
Tito Santana Wale & 9th Wonder feat. Joe Budden 2:44
Tito Santana Joe Budden feat. Wale 2:18
Tonight (Suite 331) Wale 3:41

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