members:Dave Astor (Battalion of Saints) (guitar)
Mark Bender (Battalion of Saints) (membranophone)
Shawn Connif (Battalion of Saints) (guitar)
Travis Davidson (Battalion of Saints) (bass guitar)
Donny Diaz (Battalion of Saints) (guitar)
Barry Farwell (Battalion of Saints) (bass guitar)
Eric Holt (Battalion of Saints) (bass guitar)
Kenneth Ortman (Punk guitarist from Chicago) (bass guitar)
Chris Squire (Battalion Of Saints...)
Dennis Frame (Battalion of Saints) (until 1982: bass guitar)
James Cooper (Battalion of Saints) (until 1985: bass guitar)
Ted Olson (Battalion of Saints) (until 1985: membranophone)
Mike Monster (Battalion of Saints) (until 2012: bass guitar)
Mike Shock (Battalion of Saints) (until 2012: guitar)
Chris Smith (Battalion of Saints, Kraut) (from 1979 to present: guitar, bass guitar)
Captain Scarlet (in 1985: bass guitar)
Joey Maya (Battalion of Saints) (in 1985: membranophone)
Gregor Kramer (from 1995 to ????: bass guitar)
Matthew McCoy (UK Subs) (from 1995 to ????: membranophone)
Terry Roberts (from 1995 to ????: guitar)
Matt Anderson (Gravity Records) (from 2002 to ????: bass guitar)
Scott Bartoloni (Battalion of Saints) (from 2002 to ????: guitar)
Londis "TK" Kues (Battalion of Saints) (from 2002 to ????: guitar)
Mario Rubalcaba (drummer) (from 2002 to ????: membranophone)
Steve "Gearbox" Gearhardt (Battalion of Saints) (from 2002 until 2012: membranophone)
Matthew Vicknair (Battalion of Saints) (from 2012 to present: bass guitar)
Mike Vega (Battalion of Saints) (from 2012 to present: membranophone)
John Hatfield (Battalion of Saints) (from 2012 until 2015: guitar)
Thrashley Register (Battalion of Saints) (from 2012 until 2015: guitar)
Nathan Javier (Battalion of Saints) (from 2015 to present: guitar)
original members:George Anthony (George Flores Anthony) (from 1978 until 1985, from 1995 to present: lead vocals)
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