Billy Banks

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member of: Billy Banks and His Orchestra
The Rhythmakers
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
A Cloud of Red Dust Stefon Harris 5:51
And This Too Shall Pass Stefon Harris 8:31
As We Would Say executive Courtney Pine 3:19
Bogalusa Strut Dr. Michael White 3:37
By and By Dr. Michael White 6:26
C.G.C. executive Courtney Pine 3:26
Canal Street Dr. Michael White 7:01
Careless Love Dr. Michael White 4:19
Caribbean Girl (A New Orleans Calypso) Dr. Michael White 7:33
Chant of Bechet Dr. Michael White 3:26
Children of the Ghetto executive Courtney Pine 7:02
Crescent City Serenade Dr. Michael White 5:08
Dolores executive Courtney Pine 3:29
Drum Storm Stefon Harris 0:54
For You Mom and Dad Stefon Harris 6:15
God Will Take Care of You Dr. Michael White 3:41
High Society Dr. Michael White 4:29
I Believe executive Courtney Pine 4:37
In the Garden of Thought Stefon Harris 6:01
Jamo Stefon Harris 4:52
Kiss Me Sweet Dr. Michael White 6:01
Lord, Lord, Lord Dr. Michael White 8:10
Mama's Gone, Goodbye Dr. Michael White 4:05
Miss-Interpret executive Courtney Pine 4:16
My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Dr. Michael White 3:33
Nature Music Stefon Harris 0:57
Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning Dr. Michael White 3:56
One String Blues Stefon Harris 1:36
Peace executive Courtney Pine 5:20
Petite Fleur Dr. Michael White 4:05
Sacred Forest Stefon Harris 1:28
Seen executive Courtney Pine 4:28
Shake It and Break It Dr. Michael White 6:02
Shreveport Stomp Dr. Michael White 4:09
Sing On Dr. Michael White 6:47
Sophistry Stefon Harris 5:07
St. Phillip Street Breakdown Dr. Michael White 4:34
Sunday Song executive Courtney Pine 1:26
Tailgate Ramble Dr. Michael White 6:14
The Prophet Stefon Harris 7:07
Weird Blues Dr. Michael White 8:20
When, Where, How and Why executive Courtney Pine 5:20
Wild Man Blues Dr. Michael White 5:40
Winin' Boy Blues Dr. Michael White 3:59
You Tell Me Your Dreams / Introductions Dr. Michael White 8:01
1932-05-23 Who’s Sorry Now? The Rhythmakers 3:08
1932-07-26 Yellow Dog Blues The Rhythm Makers 3:20
1937-04-16 Characteristic Blues Noble Sissle’s Swingsters 2:58
I Wonder Who Made Rhythm Noble Sissle and His Orchestra 3:13
The Old Ark Is Moverin' Noble Sissle and His Orchestra 3:03
You Can't Live in Harlem Noble Sissle and His Orchestra 2:24