Jim White (U.S. Alt-Country artist)

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member of: Hellwood
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
10 Miles to Go on a 9 Mile Road
A Man Loves His Wife
A Town Called Amen
Alien Tongue
Blindly We Go
Counting Numbers in the Air
Crash Into the Sun
Diamonds to Coal
Dream On
Fireworks Factory
Fruit of the Vine
Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi
It's Been a Long Long Day
Man in a Plaid Suit
Pieces of Heaven
Plywood Superman
Spider in the Bed
Still Waters
Take Me Away
Turquoise House
World Seems to Come and Go
Chainsaw of Life guitar Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life bass Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life keyboard Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life trombone Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life percussion Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life flute Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life banjo Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life mandolin Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life recorder Hellwood
Chainsaw of Life melodica Hellwood
10 Miles to Go on a 9 Mile Road
A Man Loves His Wife
Alien Tongue
Dream On
Fireworks Factory
Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi
Spider in the Bed
Still Waters
Let It Go Mr. Jim White other vocals [answerphone message] Morcheeba 4:43
Chainsaw of Life Hellwood