KISS (US rock band)

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
KISS in Ciudad de México (1980-08-10) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-10
KISS in Ciudad de México (1980-08-11) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-11
KISS in Guadalajara (1980-08-12) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-12
KISS in Monterrey (1980-08-14) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-14
KISS at Cascais Hall (1980-08-24) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-24
KISS at Cascais Hall (1980-08-25) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-25
KISS at Castel Sant’Angelo (1980-08-29)Concertmain performer 1980-08-29
KISS at Stadion Communale (1980-08-30) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-30
KISS at Palasport (1980-08-31)Concertmain performer 1980-08-31
KISS at Stadion Communale (1980-08-31) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-08-31
KISS at Motovelodromo Vigorelli (1980-09-02)Concertmain performer 1980-09-02
KISS at Bingley Hall (1980-09-05)Concertmain performer 1980-09-05
KISS at Deeside Leisure Centre (1980-09-06)Concertmain performer 1980-09-06
KISS at Wembley Arena (1980-09-08)Concertmain performer 1980-09-08
KISS at Wembley Arena (1980-09-09)Concertmain performer 1980-09-09
KISS at Hessehalle (1980-09-11)Concertmain performer 1980-09-11
KISS at Philipshalle (1980-09-12)Concertmain performer 1980-09-12
KISS at Rebstockgelände (1980-09-13)Concertmain performer 1980-09-13
KISS at Westfalenhalle (1980-09-15)Concertmain performer 1980-09-15
KISS at Sindelfingen Messehalle (1980-09-17)Concertmain performer 1980-09-17
KISS at Olympiahalle at Olympiapark München (1980-09-18)Concertmain performer 1980-09-18
KISS at Eissporthalle (1980-09-20)Concertmain performer 1980-09-20
KISS at Vorst Nationaal (1980-09-21)Concertmain performer 1980-09-21
KISS at Parc des Expositions (1980-09-23)Concertmain performer 1980-09-23
KISS at Palais des Sports (1980-09-24)Concertmain performer 1980-09-24
KISS at Parc des Expositions (1980-09-26) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-09-26
KISS at Le Bourget Exhibition Centre (1980-09-27)Concertmain performer 1980-09-27
KISS at Sporthalle St. Jakob (1980-09-28)Concertmain performer 1980-09-28
KISS at Sporthalle (1980-09-30)Concertmain performer 1980-09-30
KISS at Stadthalle (1980-10-01)Concertmain performer 1980-10-01
KISS at Niedersachsenhalle (1980-10-02)Concertmain performer 1980-10-02
KISS at Ernst-Merck Halle (1980-10-04)Concertmain performer 1980-10-04
KISS at Groenoordhal (1980-10-05)Concertmain performer 1980-10-05
KISS at Schwarzwaldhalle (1980-10-06) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-10-06
KISS at Eriksdalshalle (1980-10-09)Concertmain performer 1980-10-09
KISS at Scandinavium (1980-10-10)Concertmain performer 1980-10-10
KISS at Brøndby Hallen (1980-10-11)Concertmain performer 1980-10-11
KISS at Drammenshallen (1980-10-12) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1980-10-12
KISS at Le Hippodrome de Pantin (1980-10-16)Concertmain performer 1980-10-16
KISS at Perth Entertainment Centre (1980-11-08)Concertmain performer 1980-11-08
KISS at Perth Entertainment Centre (1980-11-09)Concertmain performer 1980-11-09
KISS at Perth Entertainment Centre (1980-11-10)Concertmain performer 1980-11-10
KISS at Perth Entertainment Centre (1980-11-11)Concertmain performer 1980-11-11
KISS at Victorian Football League Park (1980-11-15)Concertmain performer 1980-11-15
KISS at Adelaide Oval (1980-11-18)Concertmain performer 1980-11-18
KISS at Sydney Showground (1980-11-21)Concertmain performer 1980-11-21
KISS at Sydney Showground (1980-11-22)Concertmain performer 1980-11-22
KISS at Lang Park (1980-11-25)Concertmain performer 1980-11-25
KISS at Athletic Park (1980-11-30)Concertmain performer 1980-11-30
KISS at Western Springs Stadium (1980-12-03)Concertmain performer 1980-12-03
KISS at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center (1982-12-27) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1982-12-27
KISS at Bismarck Civic Center (1982-12-29)Concertmain performer 1982-12-29
KISS at Sioux City Municipal Auditorium (1982-12-30)Concertmain performer 1982-12-30
KISS at MetroCentre (1982-12-31)Concertmain performer 1982-12-31
KISS at Hulman Center (1983-01-01)Concertmain performer 1983-01-01
KISS at Indianapolis Convention Center (1983-01-02) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-01-02
KISS at Charleston Civic Center (1983-01-04)Concertmain performer 1983-01-04
KISS at Rupp Arena (1983-01-06)Concertmain performer 1983-01-06
KISS at Wendler Arena at Saginaw Civic Center (1983-01-07)Concertmain performer 1983-01-07
KISS at Sports Arena (1983-01-08)Concertmain performer 1983-01-08
KISS at University of Dayton Arena (1983-01-09)Concertmain performer 1983-01-09
KISS at Colisée de Quebec (1983-01-12)Concertmain performer 1983-01-12
KISS at Forum de Montréal (1983-01-13)Concertmain performer 1983-01-13
KISS at Maple Leaf Gardens (1983-01-14)Concertmain performer 1983-01-14
KISS at Ottawa Civic Centre (1983-01-15)Concertmain performer 1983-01-15
KISS at Glens Falls Civic Center (1983-01-16)Concertmain performer 1983-01-16
KISS at Onondaga County War Memorial Arena (1983-01-18)Concertmain performer 1983-01-18
KISS at Rochester Community War Memorial (1983-01-20)Concertmain performer 1983-01-20
KISS at Cumberland County Civic Center (1983-01-21)Concertmain performer 1983-01-21
KISS at The Centrum (1983-01-22)Concertmain performer 1983-01-22
KISS at Providence Civic Center (1983-01-23) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-01-23
KISS at The Scope (1983-01-25)Concertmain performer 1983-01-25
KISS at Von Braun Civic Center (1983-01-27)Concertmain performer 1983-01-27
KISS at Boutwell Auditorium (1983-01-28)Concertmain performer 1983-01-28
KISS at UTC Arena (1983-01-29)Concertmain performer 1983-01-29
KISS at Nashville Municipal Auditorium (1983-01-30)Concertmain performer 1983-01-30
KISS at Knoxville Civic Coliseum (1983-02-01)Concertmain performer 1983-02-01
KISS at West Palm Beach Auditorium (1983-02-03)Concertmain performer 1983-02-03
KISS at Lakeland Civic Center (1983-02-04)Concertmain performer 1983-02-04
KISS at Civic Center (1983-02-06) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-02-06
KISS at Asheville Civic Center Auditorium (1983-02-08) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-02-08
KISS at Viking Hall Civic Center at Tennessee High School (1983-02-09) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-02-09
KISS at Pine Bluff Convention Center (1983-02-11)Concertmain performer 1983-02-11
Mardi Gras Eve Spectacular (1983-02-14)Concertmain performer 1983-02-14
KISS at Dubuque Five Flags Center (1983-02-16)Concertmain performer 1983-02-16
KISS at Duluth Arena Auditorium (1983-02-17) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1983-02-17
KISS at Metropolitan Sports Center (1983-02-18)Concertmain performer 1983-02-18
KISS at Sioux Falls Arena (1983-02-19)Concertmain performer 1983-02-19
KISS at Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium at La Crosse Center (1983-02-20)Concertmain performer 1983-02-20
KISS at The Coliseum Theatre (1983-02-22)Concertmain performer 1983-02-22
KISS at Cobo Arena (1983-02-23)Concertmain performer 1983-02-23 20:00
KISS at Market Square Arena (1983-02-24)Concertmain performer 1983-02-24
KISS at Prairie Capital Convention Center (1983-02-26)Concertmain performer 1983-02-26
KISS at Kiel Auditorium (1983-02-27)Concertmain performer 1983-02-27
KISS at Municipal Auditorium (1983-03-01)Concertmain performer 1983-03-01
KISS at Dallas County Convention Center Arena (1983-03-09)Concertmain performer 1983-03-09
KISS at Sam Houston Coliseum (1983-03-10)Concertmain performer 1983-03-10
KISS at Joe & Harry Freeman Coliseum (1983-03-12)Concertmain performer 1983-03-12
KISS at Beaumont Civic Center (1983-03-13)Concertmain performer 1983-03-13
KISS at Memorial Coliseum (1983-03-14)Concertmain performer 1983-03-14