KISS (US rock band)

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
KISS at Tarrant County Convention Center (1976-08-11)Concertmain performer 1976-08-11 20:30
KISS at The Summit (1976-08-13)Concertmain performer 1976-08-13
KISS at El Paso County Coliseum (1976-08-15)Concertmain performer 1976-08-15
KISS at Tempe Stadium (1976-08-17)Concertmain performer 1976-08-17
KISS at Anaheim Stadium (1976-08-20)Concertmain performer 1976-08-20
KISS at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena (1976-08-22)Concertmain performer 1976-08-22
KISS at Greensboro Coliseum (1976-08-27)Concertmain performer 1976-08-27
KISS at Atlanta/Fulton County Stadium (1976-08-29)Concertmain performer 1976-08-29
KISS at Joyce Athletic & Convocation Center Arena (1976-09-01)Concertmain performer 1976-09-01
KISS at The Coliseum (1976-09-03)Concertmain performer 1976-09-03
KISS at Civic Arena (1976-09-04)Concertmain performer 1976-09-04
KISS at Varsity Stadium (1976-09-06)Concertmain performer 1976-09-06
KISS at Freedom Hall (1976-09-08)Concertmain performer 1976-09-08
KISS at Riverfront Coliseum (1976-09-10)Concertmain performer 1976-09-10
KISS at Colt Park (1976-09-11) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1976-09-11
KISS at Allentown Fairgrounds Grandstand (1976-09-12) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1976-09-12
KISS at Springfield Civic Center (1976-09-12)Concertmain performer 1976-09-12
KISS at Civic Center (1976-11-24)Concertmain performer 1976-11-24
KISS at Cumberland County Memorial Arena (1976-11-24) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1976-11-24
KISS at Charlotte Coliseum (1976-11-25)Concertmain performer 1976-11-25
KISS at J.S. Dorton Arena at North Carolina State Fairgrounds (1976-11-27)Concertmain performer 1976-11-27
KISS at Greenville Municipal Auditorium (1976-11-28)Concertmain performer 1976-11-28
KISS at Columbus Municipal Auditorium (1976-11-30)Concertmain performer 1976-11-30
KISS at Mid‐South Coliseum (1976-12-02)Concertmain performer 1976-12-02 20:00
KISS at Mississippi Coliseum (1976-12-03)Concertmain performer 1976-12-03
KISS at Municipal Auditorium (1976-12-04)Concertmain performer 1976-12-04
KISS at Mobile Municipal Auditorium (1976-12-05)Concertmain performer 1976-12-05
KISS at Von Braun Civic Center (1976-12-07)Concertmain performer 1976-12-07
KISS at Macon Auditorium (1976-12-08)Concertmain performer 1976-12-08
KISS at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1976-12-10)Concertmain performer 1976-12-10
KISS at The Sportatorium (1976-12-11)Concertmain performer 1976-12-11
KISS at Lakeland Civic Center (1976-12-12)Concertmain performer 1976-12-12
KISS at Veterans Memorial Auditorium (1976-12-15)Concertmain performer 1976-12-15
KISS at Onondaga County War Memorial Arena (1976-12-16)Concertmain performer 1976-12-16
KISS at New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1976-12-18)Concertmain performer 1976-12-18
KISS at Capital Centre (1976-12-19)Concertmain performer 1976-12-19
KISS at The Spectrum (1976-12-21)Concertmain performer 1976-12-21
KISS at Cumberland County Memorial Arena (1976-12-27)Concertmain performer 1976-12-27
KISS at Roanoke Civic Center (1976-12-28)Concertmain performer 1976-12-28
KISS at Augusta Civic Center (1976-12-30)Concertmain performer 1976-12-30
KISS at Providence Civic Center (1977-01-01)Concertmain performer 1977-01-01
KISS at Taylor County Coliseum (1977-01-05)Concertmain performer 1977-01-05
KISS at Tulsa Assembly Center (1977-01-06)Concertmain performer 1977-01-06
KISS at Lloyd Noble Center (1977-01-07)Concertmain performer 1977-01-07
KISS at Henry J. Levitt Arena (1977-01-09)Concertmain performer 1977-01-09
KISS at Amarillo Civic Center (1977-01-10)Concertmain performer 1977-01-10
KISS at Tingley Coliseum (1977-01-11)Concertmain performer 1977-01-11
KISS at O. Thayne Accord Arena at Salt Palace Center (1977-01-15)Concertmain performer 1977-01-15
KISS at University of North Dakota Fieldhouse (1977-01-17)Concertmain performer 1977-01-17
KISS at Duluth Arena Auditorium (1977-01-18)Concertmain performer 1977-01-18
KISS at John Q. Hammons Student Center at Southwest Missouri State University (1977-01-19) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-01-19
KISS at Pershing Auditorium (1977-01-20)Concertmain performer 1977-01-20
KISS at Veterans Memorial Auditorium (1977-01-21)Concertmain performer 1977-01-21
KISS at Chicago Stadium (1977-01-22)Concertmain performer 1977-01-22
KISS at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (1977-01-24)Concertmain performer 1977-01-24
KISS at Hulman Civic University Center (1977-01-25)Concertmain performer 1977-01-25
KISS at Cobo Arena (1977-01-27)Concertmain performer 1977-01-27
KISS at Cobo Arena (1977-01-28)Concertmain performer 1977-01-28
KISS at Cobo Arena (1977-01-29)Concertmain performer 1977-01-29
KISS at Milwaukee Auditorium (1977-02-01)Concertmain performer 1977-02-01
KISS at Milwaukee Auditorium (1977-02-02)Concertmain performer 1977-02-02
KISS at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena (1977-02-03)Concertmain performer 1977-02-03
KISS at Dane County Expo Center Coliseum (1977-02-04)Concertmain performer 1977-02-04
KISS at Metropolitan Sports Center (1977-02-06)Concertmain performer 1977-02-06
KISS at Omaha Civic Auditorium (1977-02-08)Concertmain performer 1977-02-08
KISS at Kemper Arena (1977-02-09)Concertmain performer 1977-02-09
KISS at McElroy Auditorium (1977-02-10)Concertmain performer 1977-02-10
KISS at Bismarck Civic Center (1977-02-12)Concertmain performer 1977-02-12
KISS at Fieldhouse at North Dakota State University (1977-02-13) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-02-13
KISS at Hartford Civic Center (1977-02-16)Concertmain performer 1977-02-16
KISS at Madison Square Garden (1977-02-18)Concertmain performer 1977-02-18
KISS at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1977-02-21)Concertmain performer 1977-02-21
KISS at Hampton Coliseum (1977-02-23) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-02-23
KISS at Freedom Hall Civic Center at Science Hill High School (1977-02-26)Concertmain performer 1977-02-26
KISS at Carolina Coliseum (1977-02-27)Concertmain performer 1977-02-27
KISS at Asheville Civic Center (1977-03-01)Concertmain performer 1977-03-01
KISS at Birmingham–Jefferson Civic Center (1977-03-03)Concertmain performer 1977-03-03
KISS at Rupp Arena (1977-03-05)Concertmain performer 1977-03-05
KISS at St. John Arena (1977-03-06)Concertmain performer 1977-03-06
KISS at Hampton Coliseum (1977-03-07)Concertmain performer 1977-03-07
KISS at Osaka Kosei Nenkin Hall (1977-03-24)Concertmain performer 1977-03-24
KISS at Osaka Kosei Nenkin Hall (1977-03-25)Concertmain performer 1977-03-25
KISS at Kyoto Kaikan (1977-03-26)Concertmain performer 1977-03-26
KISS at Aichi-ken Taiiku-kan (1977-03-28)Concertmain performer 1977-03-28
KISS at Royal Festival Hall (1977-03-29)Concertmain performer 1977-03-29
KISS at Kyuden Taiiku-kan (1977-03-30)Concertmain performer 1977-03-30
KISS at Nippon Budokan (1977-04-01)Concertmain performer 1977-04-01
KISS at Nippon Budokan (1977-04-02) (show 1)Concertmain performer 1977-04-02 15:00
KISS at Nippon Budokan (1977-04-02) (show 2)Concertmain performer 1977-04-02 19:00
KISS at Nippon Budokan (1977-04-04)Concertmain performer 1977-04-04
KISS at Halifax Forum (1977-07-07) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-07-07
KISS at Halifax Forum (1977-07-08)Concertmain performer 1977-07-08
KISS at Moncton Coliseum (1977-07-09)Concertmain performer 1977-07-09
KISS at Forum de Montréal (1977-07-12)Concertmain performer 1977-07-12
KISS at Ottawa Civic Centre (1977-07-14)Concertmain performer 1977-07-14
KISS at Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (1977-07-15) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-07-15
KISS at Maple Leaf Gardens (1977-07-15) (cancelled)Concertmain performer 1977-07-15
KISS at Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (1977-07-16)Concertmain performer 1977-07-16
KISS at London Gardens (1977-07-18)Concertmain performer 1977-07-18
KISS at Sudbury Arena (1977-07-19)Concertmain performer 1977-07-19