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Name ISRCs Rating Length
3.16.9 In terms of subtle bodies, what is a poisonous plant? 0:44
3.16.10 After a deer has been hunted for a few hours, its meat becomes unfit for consumption. Why? 0:45
3.16.11 Why do voracious people usually feel more satisfied by a meal containing meat than by only fruits and vegetables? 0:44
3.16.12 Muscles, proteins and astrality 0:24
3.16.13 Proteins and astrality 1:07
3.16.14 What action does eating meat have on the incarnation balance? 1:29
3.16.15 What connection is there between meat consumption, competitiveness and violence? 0:12
3.16.16 Which country has the highest meat consumption in the world, wins the most medals at the Olympic games and has a high level of street violence? What conclusion can you draw in terms of subtle bodies? 1:36
3.16.17 In terms of subtle bodies, what is the main argument of people who advocate a vegetarian diet? 1:53
3.16.18 Why is it a huge mistake to prescribe fasting or a strict vegetarian diet to a schizophrenic? 1:30
3.16.19 A 22-year-old student has just come back from a 3-week meditation retreat. He has to pass an exam in 7 days but feels totally spaced out - disconnected from his studies. What advice can you give? 1:02
3.16.20 The Sanskrit word for fasting is upavāsa, interpreted as 'sitting with the Lord'. In terms of subtle bodies, what does this evoke? 0:26
3.16.21 Why is it that during fasting one can experience some devastatingly intense emotional waves? 0:49
3.16.22 In terms of subtle bodies, why are people with high blood pressure made worse by consuming table salt? 1:44
3.17.1 Kidney, Libra and balance 1:39
3.17.2 What is the effect of shoes on toddlers' development? 0:18
3.17.3 Shoes and incarnation 0:29
3.17.4 In terms of subtle bodies, what is the significance of the oriental custom of taking one's shoes off before entering temples and homes? 0:57
3.17.5 In ISIS or similar forms of therapy, when a client forgets to take off his shoes, what does this indicate? 0:15
3.17.6 What is the effect of physical effort on the degree of incarnation of the astral body? 0:29
3.17.7 Mountain climbing and flashes of consciousness 1:05
3.17.8 In terms of subtle bodies, how do relaxation and meditation combat stress? 0:19
3.17.9 In terms of subtle bodies, what does sweating indicate? 1:39
3.17.11 If in the days or weeks following a delivery, a woman suffers from heavy sweating, what is the most likely reason in terms of subtle bodies? 4:55
3.17.12 How does 'sealing the aura' work? 1:37
3.17.13 Will centre and embryo of will 1:21
3.17.14 Will centre versus navel chakra (maṇipṻra-cakra) 1:10
3.17.15 Focussing on the will centre and activating it can immediately result in sealing the aura. What does this indicate, as far as subtle bodies are concerned? 0:29
3.17.16 Masters of martial arts often give the feeling of a great denseness of energy. In terms of subtle bodies, where does this come from? 0:16
3.17.17 A common result of anger is to make people tense and ready to fight. How does this work, in terms of subtle bodies? 0:21
3.17.18 Some people lose all their abilities when they are enraged. Others are made more powerful by anger. Why? 0:52
3.17.19 People who have followed a serious training in martial arts aer usually more able to control their anger. Why? 1:20
3.17.20 What can you say about the anger of people whose astral body shows a chronic lack of incarnation? 0:49
3.17.21 After working on himself for a few months, someone who used to always be in a good mood starts going through repetitive fits of anger. What can this mean? 1:05
3.17.22 Is awareness in the third eye a factor of incarnation or disincarnation of the astral body? 0:35
3.17.23 What kind of third eye awareness favours astral incarnation, and what kind reduces it? 1:14
3.17.24 What advice can be given to people who fear that by being aware in the third eye while driving, they might have a car accident? 0:58
3.17.25 Why do a number of patients get better as soon as they are put in touch with their third eye? 1:54
3.18 Deserts and Pyramids 1:32
3.18.1 The first obvious fact about deserts is the scarcity of water, plants and life. In terms of subtle bodies, what does this suggest? 0:24
3.18.2 The etheric-astral balance in deserts 2:06
3.18.5 What is the original Greek word for wilderness in "I am the voice of the one crying in the wilderness"? 0:20
3.18.6 The symbolism of 40 in biblical literature 1:25
3.18.7 The symbolism of the number 40 1:40
3.18.8 The meaning of forty days in the desert 2:17
3.18.9 Since the tendency of the astral is to grasp, does this mean that one experiences more grasping in deserts than anywhere else in the world? 1:39
3.18.11 Space journeys 2:29
3.18.12 Manley P. Hall's theories about the origin of the ancient Egyptian culture 1:13
3.18.13 Edgar Cayce and the builders of the pyramids 0:35
3.18.14 Mummification 0:49
3.18.15 Antoine Bovis and the royal chamber of the Great Pyramid 1:22
3.18.16 In terms of subtle bodies, what is the effect of pyramids? 0:41
3.18.17 It has been reported that if food is kept under a pyramid, insects won't touch it. In terms of subtle bodies, how could this be explained? 4:01
3.19.1 Substances - sub stare 1:33
3.19.2 But how can a physical substance have an impact on subtle bodies? 0:32
3.19.3 In our society, which substance is most commonly used to impact the astral body into the physical? 0:09
3.19.4 What are the signs showing that coffee creates a temporary incarnation of the astral into the physical? 0:21
3.19.6 Coffee, seen by Albiruni 2:43
3.19.7 Umeboshi 0:53
3.19.8 Why does eating sweets make agitated people feel good - for a while 2:52
3.19.11 According to the Bible, what is the very first thing Noah did after coming out of the ark? 3:08
3.19.12 Alcohol and the fire element 0:56
3.19.13 Alcohol and subtle bodies 1:32
3.19.14 In terms of subtle bodies, what do drunkenness and acute schizophrenia have in common? 1:23
3.19.15 Tremulousness 2:28
3.19.16 In a day, most normal individuals drink around two litres of fluid. Alcoholics, however, can drink up to eight litres of wine. In terms of subtle bodies, what does this indicate? 1:22
3.19.17 In astrology, what is the planetary energy which stands for the Ego? What is metal associated with it? 0:18
3.19.18 Aurum Metallicum and homeopathy 2:14
3.21 Manvantaras, Hierarchies, and the Bodies of Angels 1:35
3.21.1 Manvantaras and pralaya 4:14
3.21.2 Manvantaras revisited by the theosophists 0:39
3.21.3 The sequence of the manvantaras 2:36
3.21.4 Subtle bodies and manvantaras - evolution versus eternal return 4:53
3.21.7 Stragglers and forerunners 1:02
3.21.8 Spiritual hierarchies 3:42
3.21.9 The two meanings of the word hierarchy 1:37
3.21.10 What stage will present plants undergo during the Jupiter manvantara? 0:14
3.21.11 During which manvantara will present plants reach the angelic stage? 0:16
3.21.12 What stage will present minerals undergo during the Vulcan manvantara? 0:44
3.21.13 What stage will the animals of the Ancient Sun be at, during the Venus manvantara? 0:21
3.21.14 In terms of evolution, which life wave is as far behind humans as humans are behind the Archangels? 1:06
3.21.19 The value of sourcing 3:02
3.22.1 The ages of the Earth 2:26
3.22.2 The name of the present age (5th age) 1:37
3.22.3 The fall, revisited 3:24
3.22.4 Tree of knowledge and sexual intercourse 0:26
3.22.5 The beginning of death 0:59
3.22.6 The beginning of sleep 1:57
3.22.7 The fall in terms of subtle bodies 2:30
3.22.8 The tree of Life and Adam's huge mistake 2:19
3.22.9 In the middle of the Lemurian age 2:22
3.22.10 The Luciferic infestation 2:56
3.22.11 Free will, regeneration and Homo angelicus 5:07
4.1 Night Practice 1 30:22
4.1.1 Hello 1:04
4.1.2 Aspiration 1:56
4.1.3 Sounds for light 8:41
4.1.4 From inner light to inner space 3:53
4.1.5 Vortex practice 6:16
4.1.6 Inner sounds 7:40

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