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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2004-09-12: Live at Plattenleger Inkfish ?:??
Acting Out (part of a “Psychotrance 2004” DJ‐mix) Inkfish 9:04
Aftermath David West & Inkfish 8:52
Agony Aunt Inkfish 5:56
Body & Mind (Hyperion remix) Inkfish 5:29
Detroit Inkfish 7:11
Eternal Destiny Inkfish 4:57
Eye M (David West remix) Inkfish vs Martin H 7:57
Fake (Jon Laprevote remix) Inkfish 4:44
Feelings Hardy Heller vs. Inkfish 3:21
Ghetto Feel David West & Inkfish 6:44
Hello Piano (Sébastien Léger remix) David West & Inkfish ?:??
Human Devolution Inkfish 6:46
Late Night Pimp Inkfish 4:14
Logic Jam Inkfish 3:59
Lost (Transa remix) (part of “Forbidden Paradise 10: Djunggi” DJ-mix) Inkfish 3:15
Onanista (original mix) Inkfish 7:59
Orange Envelope Inkfish 4:25
Orange Envelope Inkfish 4:37
Orange Envelope (part of a “Lagered! The Next Level” DJ‐mix) Inkfish 4:43
Orange Envelope (Alpha Breed remix) Inkfish 3:37
Orange Envelope (Helsloot vs. Alpha Breed mix) Inkfish 6:24
Origin Unknown (CM original club mix) Inkfish 7:13
Race of Life (original version) Inkfish 4:43
Searching for Substance (part of a “Armada Trance 2” DJ‐mix) David West feat. Inkfish 3:54
Slowed Down Inkfish 6:56
Sub City Inkfish 4:34
Swallowed by the Light HH vs. Inkfish 6:14
Trial and Errol Inkfish 7:45
Trigger (edit) Inkfish 4:07
Under the Influence David West & Inkfish 5:42

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