Tony Cadena

~ Person


member of: Adolescents (1986 – 1987)
Adolescents (2001 –)
original member of: Adolescents (1979-12 – 1981)
Wikidata: Q7822007 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Tony Cadena [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Amoeba Adolescents 3:07
Creatures Adolescents 1:58
Democracy Adolescents 2:08
I Hate Children Adolescents 1:45
Kids of the Black Hole Adolescents 5:27
L.A. Girl Adolescents 1:49
Losing Battle Adolescents 1:35
No Friends Adolescents 2:32
No Way Adolescents 2:03
Rip It Up Adolescents 2:11
Self Destruct Adolescents 0:48
Things Start Moving Adolescents 3:06
Welcome to Reality Adolescents 2:11
Who Is Who Adolescents 1:24
Word Attack Adolescents 1:08
Wrecking Crew Adolescents 2:08
Adolescents lead vocals Adolescents
Do the Freddy
I Hate Children (Adolescents)
L.A. Girl
Losing Battle
No Friends
Rip It Up
Self Destruct
Things Start Moving
Welcome to Reality
Who Is Who
World Attack
Wrecking Crew