Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid/Old Fashioned Love/Carolina Shout/C ?:??
Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry ?:??
At Your Beck and Call ?:??
Give Me Time ?:??
Have You Forgotten So Soon? (alternate take) ?:??
I Can't Face the Music (take 1) ?:??
I Can't Face the Music (take 2) ?:??
I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes ?:??
It's Love I'm After ?:??
It's the Natural Thing to Do ?:??
Moonshine Over Kentucky (Tk 1) ?:??
Moonshine Over Kentucky (Tk 2) ?:??
Now That Summer Is Gone (alternate take) ?:??
Ol' Pappy ?:??
Peace, Brother! ?:??
Posin' ?:??
So Help Me ?:??
The Little Man Who Wasn't There ?:??
The Weekend of a Private Secretary ?:??

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