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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
Blackwood Convention (1983-12-02) (the first Phish concert)Concertmain performer 1983-12-02
Phish at Nectars (1984-12-01)Concertmain performer 1984-12-01
Phish at Doolin's (1985-02-01)Concertmain performer 1985-02-01
Phish at Finbar's (1985-04-06) (benefit for Tools for Peace and Justice in Central America)Concertmain performer 1985-04-06
Phish at UVM (1985-05-03)Concertmain performer 1985-05-03
Phish at WRUV Radio (1985-09-26)Concertmain performer 1985-09-26
Phish in Durham, NH (1993-05-08)Concertmain performer 1993-05-08
Phish at Vanderbilt University Memorial Gym (1994-10-18)Concertmain performer 1994-10-18
Phish in Lincoln (1995-10-21)Concertmain performer 1995-10-21
Phish in Rosemont (1995-10-31)Concertmain performer 1995-10-31
Phish at Niagara Falls (1995-12-07)Concertmain performer 1995-12-07
Phish at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1998-04-02)Concertmain performer 1998-04-02
Phish in Virginia Beach (1998-08-09)Concertmain performer 1998-08-09
Phish in Mountain View (2000-10-07)Concertmain performer 2000-10-07
Phish at Keyspan Park (2004-06-17)Concertmain performer 2004-06-17
Phish at Keyspan Park (2004-06-18)Concertmain performer 2004-06-18
Phish at SPAC (2004-06-19)Concertmain performer 2004-06-19
2009-06-14: Bonnaroo, Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, USA (2009-06-14) (Phish)Concertmain performer 2009-06-14
Phish in Commerce City (2011-09-02)Concertmain performer 2011-09-02
Phish in Commerce City (2011-09-03)Concertmain performer 2011-09-03
Phish in Commerce City (2011-09-04)Concertmain performer 2011-09-04
2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival, Day 4: What Stage (2012-06-10)Festivalmain performer 2012-06-10
Phish in Atlantic City (2012-06-16)Concertmain performer 2012-06-16
Phish in Bend (2015-07-21)Concertmain performer 2015-07-21
Phish in Bend (2015-07-22)Concertmain performer 2015-07-22
Phish in Mountain View (2015-07-24)Concertmain performer 2015-07-24
Phish in Inglewood (2015-07-25)Concertmain performer 2015-07-25
Phish in Austin (2015-07-28)Concertmain performer 2015-07-28
Phish in Grand Prairie (2015-07-29)Concertmain performer 2015-07-29
Phish in Atlanta (2015-07-31)Concertmain performer 2015-07-31
Phish in Atlanta (2015-08-01)Concertmain performer 2015-08-01
Phish in Tuscaloosa (2015-08-02)Concertmain performer 2015-08-02
Phish in Nashville (2015-08-04)Concertmain performer 2015-08-04
Magnaball (2015-08-21)Festivalmain performer 2015-08-21
Magnaball (2015-08-22)Festivalmain performer 2015-08-22
Magnaball (2015-08-23)Festivalmain performer 2015-08-23
Phish in Commerce City (2015-09-04)Concertmain performer 2015-09-04
Phish in Commerce City (2015-09-05)Concertmain performer 2015-09-05
Phish in Commerce City (2015-09-06)Concertmain performer 2015-09-06
The Baker’s Dozen: Coconut (2017-07-21)Concertmain performer 2017-07-21
The Baker’s Dozen: Strawberry (2017-07-22)Concertmain performer 2017-07-22
The Baker’s Dozen: Red Velvet (2017-07-23)Concertmain performer 2017-07-23
The Baker’s Dozen: Jam‐Filled (2017-07-25)Concertmain performer 2017-07-25
The Baker’s Dozen: Powdered (2017-07-26)Concertmain performer 2017-07-26
The Baker’s Dozen: Chocolate (2017-07-28)Concertmain performer 2017-07-28
The Baker’s Dozen: Cinnamon (2017-07-29)Concertmain performer 2017-07-29
The Baker’s Dozen: Sprinkles (2017-07-30)Concertmain performer 2017-07-30
The Baker’s Dozen: Maple (2017-08-01)Concertmain performer 2017-08-01
The Baker’s Dozen: Donut Hole (2017-08-02)Concertmain performer 2017-08-02
The Baker’s Dozen: Lemon (2017-08-04)Concertmain performer 2017-08-04
The Baker’s Dozen: Boston Cream (2017-08-05)Concertmain performer 2017-08-05
The Baker’s Dozen: Glazed (2017-08-06)Concertmain performer 2017-08-06