Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Box Full Of Legos And Good Intentions 18:59
A Kansas City Shuffle 4:42
A Man Who Has Done Fine Works 3:58
As the Star Dies... 3:47
Can Scarred Legs Keep Their Cantor? 4:58
Clato, Verata, Nicto 3:29
Eight Nights of Restlessness 2:27
Factor X Divided by Numerical Code 4:38
Give 'em a Little Bit of the Shillelagh 2:18
I Aim to Misbehave 3:05
Nothing' Says Loving Like Attempted Homicide 4:03
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall 0:41
Put on Your Dancing Shoes 2:53
Save the Cheerleader, Save the World 3:59
The Coppertone On The PH Scale 4:07
The D.O.E. Are Stone Cold Killers 5:02
The Death Of Pappy Gatmns 4:49
The Height of Narcissism 2:18
The Monuments They Build for You Will Be Mountains 4:52
The Smell of Florida After It Rains 3:10
You Didn't Feel a Thing 0:45

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