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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Little Love Trillian 4:58
Advanced Minds Rated R & Trillian 3:44
Analyze This Trillian 3:00
Armageddon Rated R, Trillian, Rez The Silverback & DJ Trickalome 3:46
Being Rational Trillian 4:30
Blak Merchants Rated R, Trillian, Tha Soloist & Drew Dollars 3:55
Bottom Line Rated R, Trillian & Copywrite 4:09
Broken Light Tha Soloist feat. Trillian, Rated R, Ty Da Tyrant & DJ Trickalome 3:41
Crashcourse Tha Soloist feat. Trillian 2:49
Earth Is Quaking Trillian 4:29
Everything You Want Rated R & Trillian 3:21
Exit Thru Gift Tha Soloist feat. Trillian, Miilkbone & Red Eye 2:31
Exodus Tha Soloist feat. Trillian 0:55
Force of Love Trillian 5:05
Force of Love Trillian 5:05
Fore of Love Trillian 5:05
Hard Body Rated R & Trillian 3:24
In the Basement Trillian 2:42
Into The Wild Tha Soloist feat. Trillian 3:42
Izquierda Trillian 2:30
Keep It Raw Rated R & Trillian 3:51
Life Blood Rated R, Trillian & DJ MadHandz 3:37
Me faltaba la palabra Trillian 3:52
Mummie's God Powder Trillian 1:57
My Day Rated R, Trillian, Jive Cuttah & DJ MadHandz 3:43
NJ Drive Tha Soloist feat. Trillian, Venomous 2000 & DJ Trickalome 3:21
On The Loose Tha Soloist feat. Trillian, Chief Kamachi, TMB & Rated R 3:54
Picture Me in Frames Trillian 3:12
Plastic Doll Trillian 3:58
Quadropo Highscor Pursuit Trillian 2:47
Red Light Go Tha Soloist feat. Trillian & TMB 4:11
Shit Sandwich Rated R & Trillian 3:52
Song for Aquatics Trillian 1:49
Swamp Girl Trillian 3:11
t12tyh Trillian 2:33
The Gatekeeper Rated R, Trillian & Tha Soloist 3:42
The Great Flood Tha Soloist feat. Trillian & Tabs 3:02
Traffic King Tha Soloist feat. Trillian 3:54
Treyeing 2 See Tha Soloist feat. Trillian 3:48
Wandering Train Delay Trillian 3:35

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