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member of:Lloyd Glenn Trio
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Blue Shadows
Christmas Celebration
Lonesome Christmas
Sinner’s Prayer
Th’ego Song
Rockin’ and Swingin’Don Albert & His Orchestra2:41
1936-11-18Rockin’ and Swingin’pianoDon Albert & His Orchestra2:41
1947-09-13Call It Stormy MondaypianoT‐Bone Walker3:02
1949Everyday I Have the Blues (Lonely Heart Blues)pianoLowell Fulson2:33
1949Rocking After Midnight (Rock with L.C.)pianoLowell Fulson2:42
1951AlbertapianoJoe Pullum2:46
1951My Woman Pt. 1pianoJoe Pullum2:38
1951My Woman Pt. 1 (alternate. take)pianoJoe Pullum3:12
1951My Woman Pt. 2pianoJoe Pullum2:45
1951You’re Alright With MepianoJoe Pullum2:34
1955-08-03I Still Love You BabypianoLowell Fulson2:35
1955-08-03It's a Long TimepianoLowell Fulson2:49
1955-08-03Rollin' BluespianoLowell Fulson2:51
1955-08-03Rollin' Blues (inst.)pianoLowell Fulson2:51
1955-08-03Trouble TroublepianoLowell Fulson2:53
1956-09-09On My Word of HonorLloyd C. Glenn Sr.pianoB.B. King2:54
1956-12-14Blues for Marili (stereo)pianoT‐Bone Walker4:18
1956-12-14Blues for Marili (mono)pianoT‐Bone Walker4:18
1956-12-14Mean Old World (mono)pianoT‐Bone Walker4:05
1956-12-14Mean Old World (stereo)pianoT‐Bone Walker4:05
1956-12-14Shufflin’ the Blues (stereo)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:20
1956-12-14Shufflin’ the Blues (mono)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:20
1956-12-14Stormy Monday Blues (mono)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:03
1956-12-14Stormy Monday Blues (Call It Stormy Monday) (stereo)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:03
1956-12-14T‐Bone Blues (mono)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:45
1956-12-14T‐Bone Blues (stereo)pianoT‐Bone Walker3:45
1958 – 1960-03-03Catfish Blues (Fishin’ After Me)pianoB.B. King2:33
1958 – 1960-03-03It’s My Own FaultpianoB.B. King3:33
1958 – 1960-03-03Walking Dr. BillpianoB.B. King3:40
1958 – 1960-03-03You Done Lost Your Good Thing NowpianoB.B. King5:09
1960-03-10I’ll SurvivepianoB.B. King2:40
1960-03-10I’ve Got a Right to Love My BabypianoB.B. King3:14
1960-03-16Partin' Time (take 3)pianoB.B. King3:42
1960-03-16Partin’ TimepianoB.B. King3:00
1960-06-02Blue ShadowspianoLowell Fulson2:28
1960-06-02I Want to Know, Parts 1 & 2pianoLowell Fulson4:32
1960-06-02I’m Glad You ReconsideredpianoLowell Fulson2:50
1960-06-02Low SocietypianoLowell Fulson2:34
1961-08-01Hung Down HeadpianoLowell Fulson2:59
1961-08-01Payday BluespianoLowell Fulson2:57
1961-08-01So Many TearspianoLowell Fulson2:29
1961-08-01Why Don’t You Write MepianoLowell Fulson2:35
1962-03-01Blues at MidnightpianoB.B. King2:58
1962-03-01Chains of LovepianoB.B. King2:34
1962-03-01I’m Gonna Sit in ‘Til You Give InpianoB.B. King2:13
1962-03-01My Baby’s Coming HomepianoB.B. King2:08
1962-03-01Slowly Losing My MindpianoB.B. King2:32
1962-03-01Sneakin’ AroundpianoB.B. King2:07
1962-03-01You Ask MepianoB.B. King2:10
1967-12-18I’m With YoupianoB.B. King2:31
1967-12-18Rainin’ All the TimepianoB.B. King2:57
1967-12-18Stop Putting the Hurt on MepianoB.B. King3:04
1967-12-18You Move Me SopianoB.B. King2:05
1967-12-20Country GirlpianoB.B. King4:25
1967-12-20I Need Your LovepianoB.B. King2:23
1967-12-20LucillepianoB.B. King10:16
1967-12-20No Money, No LuckpianoB.B. King3:48
1967-12-20Watch YourselfpianoB.B. King5:49
1967-12-20Watch YourselfpianoB.B. King5:49
1968-03 – 1968-08-05Messy but GoodpianoB.B. King2:35
1968-03 – 1968-08-05You Put It on MepianoB.B. King2:46
1974-04-28Body and SoulpianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet5:00
1974-04-28El FonkopianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet8:17
1974-04-28Jumpin' at the WoodsidepianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet8:34
1974-04-28Just You, Just MepianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet9:18
1974-04-28Smooth SailingpianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet6:15
1974-04-28Willow Weep for MepianoArnett Cobb, Tiny Grimes Quintet8:25
1974-05-21Blues for the Hot Club de FrancepianoArnett Cobb7:07
1974-05-21I Don't Stand a Ghost of a ChancepianoArnett Cobb6:47
1974-05-21I Want a Little GirlpianoArnett Cobb6:55
1974-05-21Jumpin' at the WoodsidepianoArnett Cobb5:44
1974-05-21Jumpin' in FrancepianoArnett Cobb7:11
1974-05-21Salty Mama BluespianoArnett Cobb6:12
1977-07-15First Take And BluepianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:16
1977-07-15First Take And BluepianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:10
1977-07-15Heat WavepianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:58
1977-07-15It's MeanpianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:59
1977-07-15It's MeanpianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:57
1977-07-15Long Way HomepianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:18
1977-07-15LovercallpianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:24
1977-07-15One Level Below Plant LivepianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown3:19
1977-07-15Slow Train No.1pianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown3:51
1977-07-15Slow Train Through ParispianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:24
1977-07-15SomedaypianoLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:17
1982-09Darlin’ You Know I Love YoupianoB.B. King4:19
1982-09Inflation BluespianoB.B. King4:15
1982-09Make Love to MepianoB.B. King4:18
1982-09Sell My MonkeypianoB.B. King3:06
Boogie Woogie Mess AroundpianoAxel Zwingenberger3:02
Hollywood SpecialpianoAxel Zwingenberger3:01
L & A GroovepianoAxel Zwingenberger4:04
Lonesome SundownpianoAxel Zwingenberger3:39
Struttin' the BoogiepianoAxel Zwingenberger3:22
Sunset and Gower BluespianoAxel Zwingenberger4:19
Three O'Clock StomppianoAxel Zwingenberger3:24
1961 – 1962Blues in My HeartpianoB.B. King
My Kind of BluespianoB.B. King