Charlie King (American folk music performer)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been...? 3:53
Ballad of Anita Hill 1:58
Bridget Evans 2:07
Bring Back the Eight Hour Day 5:29
Charlie Armadillo 1:56
Close To The Fire 3:51
Did You Find a Red Yoyo 3:53
Don't Ask, Don't Tell 4:58
Eight Hours 0:43
Hey Little Ant 3:05
How Aaron Got His Cat 3:38
I Can't Find My Pajamas 2:34
If Jimmy Didn't Have to Go 4:29
Let Us Come In 4:14
Lonnie Smith & Annie Jones 3:37
Look Into the Camera and Lie 5:08
Murphy's Overpass 3:05
My Daddy Flies a Ship in the Sky 2:47
My Old Man 3:28
New York Central Line 4:00
Nine Gold Medals (A True Story) 2:58
Nothing Happened Last Night 3:23
Our Life Is More Than Our Work 4:15
People Like You 2:23
S & L So Long 3:31
Sing Mandela Free 2:32
Some Windows 4:28
Step by Step 3:13
Step Into the Holy Circle 3:26
Taft-Hartley 4:35
The Dancing Bollerman 3:44
The Lonely Raven 4:22
The Place We Found for Michael 3:50
The Sloth 2:57
The Sunrise on Carawan Hill 4:24
The War Has Been Coming Home 5:02
There Is A Wall 4:23
Two Good Arms 4:35
US $teal 4:42
Video Games 2:25
What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With My Teeth 3:21
Where Have All the Flowers Gone 3:39
Where is the Manatee 3:28
Would You Like Some CoffeeTea 2:35
Wrap that Rascal! 4:37

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