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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Best I Can Queensrÿche 6:18
Breaking the Silence Queensrÿche 4:33
Comfortably Numb Queensrÿche & Dream Theater 6:59
Della Brown Queensrÿche 6:25
Desert Dance Queensrÿche 4:22
I Don't Believe In Love Queensrÿche 4:32
Losing Myself Queensrÿche 4:08
My Global Mind Queensrÿche 4:17
Open Queensrÿche 4:37
Rhythm of Hope Queensrÿche 3:37
Road to Madness Queensrÿche 5:14
Sign of the Times Queensrÿche 3:38
The Great Divide Queensrÿche 4:39
The Needle Lies Queensrÿche 3:14
Tribe Queensrÿche 5:56
Won’t Get Fooled Again Queensrÿche & Dream Theater 9:48

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