EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
Queensrÿche at 日本青年館 (1984-08-03)Concertmain performer 1984-08-03
KISS at Stabler Arena (1984-11-15)Concertsupport act 1984-11-15
KISS at Glens Falls Civic Center (1984-11-16)Concertsupport act 1984-11-16
KISS at Rochester Community War Memorial (1984-11-17)Concertsupport act 1984-11-17
KISS at Veterans Memorial Auditorium (1984-11-18)Concertsupport act 1984-11-18
KISS at Onondaga County War Memorial Arena (1984-11-20)Concertsupport act 1984-11-20
KISS at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1984-11-21) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 1984-11-21
KISS at The Centrum (1984-11-23)Concertsupport act 1984-11-23
KISS at New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1984-11-24)Concertsupport act 1984-11-24
KISS at The Spectrum (1984-11-25)Concertsupport act 1984-11-25
KISS at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1984-11-26)Concertsupport act 1984-11-26
KISS at Baltimore Civic Center (1984-11-27)Concertsupport act 1984-11-27
KISS at Mid–Hudson Civic Center (1984-11-28)Concertsupport act 1984-11-28
KISS at Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena (1984-11-29)Concertsupport act 1984-11-29
KISS at Market Square Arena (1984-12-02)Concertsupport act 1984-12-02
KISS at Kiel Auditorium (1984-12-04)Concertsupport act 1984-12-04
KISS at Roberts Municipal Stadium (1984-12-05)Concertsupport act 1984-12-05
KISS at Hulman Center (1984-12-06)Concertsupport act 1984-12-06
KISS at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (1984-12-07)Concertsupport act 1984-12-07
KISS at Cobo Arena (1984-12-08)Concertsupport act 1984-12-08
KISS at Wendler Arena at Saginaw Civic Center (1984-12-11)Concertsupport act 1984-12-11
KISS at Battelle Hall at Ohio Center (1984-12-12)Concertsupport act 1984-12-12
KISS at Hara Arena & Exhibition Center (1984-12-13)Concertsupport act 1984-12-13
KISS at The Coliseum Theatre (1984-12-14)Concertsupport act 1984-12-14
KISS at Commonwealth Convention Center (1984-12-15)Concertsupport act 1984-12-15
KISS at Carver Arena at Peoria Civic Center (1984-12-17)Concertsupport act 1984-12-17
KISS at Five Seasons Center (1984-12-18)Concertsupport act 1984-12-18
KISS at Municipal Auditorium (1984-12-26)Concertsupport act 1984-12-26
KISS at Pershing Auditorium (1984-12-27)Concertsupport act 1984-12-27
KISS at St. Paul Civic Center (1984-12-29)Concertsupport act 1984-12-29
KISS at Mecca Auditorium (1984-12-30)Concertsupport act 1984-12-30
KISS at University of Illinois–Chicago Pavilion (1984-12-31) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 1984-12-31
KISS at Lubbock Municipal Coliseum (1985-01-24)Concertsupport act 1985-01-24
KISS at Taylor County Coliseum (1985-01-25)Concertsupport act 1985-01-25
KISS at Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center (1985-01-26)Concertsupport act 1985-01-26
KISS at Memorial Coliseum (1985-01-27)Concertsupport act 1985-01-27
KISS at Reunion Arena (1985-01-29)Concertsupport act 1985-01-29
KISS at HemisFair Arena at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center (1985-01-30)Concertsupport act 1985-01-30
KISS at Sam Houston Coliseum (1985-01-31)Concertsupport act 1985-01-31
KISS at Convention Center (1985-02-01)Concertsupport act 1985-02-01
KISS at Ector County Coliseum (1985-02-03)Concertsupport act 1985-02-03
KISS at Amarillo Civic Center (1985-02-04)Concertsupport act 1985-02-04
KISS at Special Events Center (1985-02-05)Concertsupport act 1985-02-05
KISS at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1985-02-06)Concertsupport act 1985-02-06
KISS at Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts (1985-02-07)Concertsupport act 1985-02-07
KISS at Henry J. Kaiser Arena (1985-02-09)Concertsupport act 1985-02-09
KISS at O. Thayne Acord Arena at Salt Palace Center (1985-02-11)Concertsupport act 1985-02-11
KISS at Seattle Center Arena (1985-02-13)Concertsupport act 1985-02-13
KISS at Memorial Coliseum (1985-02-14)Concertsupport act 1985-02-14
KISS at Long Beach Arena (1985-02-17)Concertsupport act 1985-02-17
KISS at Long Beach Arena (1985-02-18)Concertsupport act 1985-02-18
KISS at Orange Show Pavilion (1985-02-20)Concertsupport act 1985-02-20
KISS at Bakersfield Civic Auditorium (1985-02-21)Concertsupport act 1985-02-21
KISS at San Diego Sports Arena (1985-02-22)Concertsupport act 1985-02-22
KISS at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium (1985-02-24)Concertsupport act 1985-02-24
KISS at Spokane Coliseum (1985-02-26)Concertsupport act 1985-02-26
KISS at Pacific Coliseum (1985-02-27)Concertsupport act 1985-02-27
KISS at Canada Games Sportsplex (1985-03-02)Concertsupport act 1985-03-02
KISS at Corral Arena (1985-03-03)Concertsupport act 1985-03-03
Metallica at UIC Pavilion (1988-11-17)Concertsupport act 1988-11-17
Metallica at Long Beach Arena (1988-12-07)Concertsupport act 1988-12-07
Monsters of Rock Switzerland 1991 (1991-08-25)Festivalmain performer 1991-08-25
Heaven & Hell at Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena (2007-09-05)Concertsupport act 2007-09-05
Heaven & Hell at Mohegan Sun Arena (2007-09-07)Concertsupport act 2007-09-07
Heaven & Hell at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (2007-09-08)Concertsupport act 2007-09-08
Alice Cooper at Tweeter Center (2007-09-09)Concertsupport act 2007-09-09
Heaven & Hell at Sovereign Center (2007-09-11)Concertsupport act 2007-09-11
Heaven & Hell at St. Pete Times Forum (2007-09-14)Concertsupport act 2007-09-14
Heaven & Hell at BankAtlantic Center (2007-09-15)Concertsupport act 2007-09-15
Heaven & Hell at Amway Arena (2007-09-16)Concertsupport act 2007-09-16
Heaven & Hell at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center (2007-09-19)Concertsupport act 2007-09-19
Heaven & Hell at Copps Coliseum (2007-09-20)Concertsupport act 2007-09-20
Heaven & Hell at Sears Centre (2007-09-22)Concertsupport act 2007-09-22
Heaven & Hell at Family Arena (2007-09-23)Concertsupport act 2007-09-23
Heaven & Hell at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre (2007-09-25)Concertsupport act 2007-09-25
Heaven & Hell at Reno Events Center (2007-09-28)Concertsupport act 2007-09-28
Heaven & Hell at Konocti Harbor (2007-09-29)Concertsupport act 2007-09-29
Heaven & Hell at Sleep Train Pavilion (2007-09-30)Concertsupport act 2007-09-30
Heaven & Hell at Selland Arena (2007-10-02)Concertsupport act 2007-10-02
Heaven & Hell at Anselmo Valencia Tori Ampthitheater (2007-10-04)Concertsupport act 2007-10-04
Heaven & Hell at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (2007-10-06)Concertsupport act 2007-10-06
Rock the Bayou, Day 1: Bud Light Stage (2008-08-29)Festivalmain performer 2008-08-29
Sweden Rock Festival 2014, Day 1: Sweden Stage (2014-06-04)Festivalmain performer 2014-06-04 15:00
Rock USA Festival 2015, Day 1 (2015-07-15)Festivalmain performer 2015-07-15
Wacken Open Air 2015, Day 2: True Metal Stage (2015-07-31)Festivalmain performer 2015-07-31
Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival (2015-08-08) (day 1)Festivalmain performer 2015-08-08 11:00
Moonstone Music Festival 2016, Day 2 (2016-05-01) (cancelled)Festivalmain performer 2016-05-01
Rock Fest 2016, Wednesday Bonus Bash: Bud Light What’s Next Stage (2016-07-13)Festivalmain performer 2016-07-13 17:00
Hellfest 2017, Day 1: Main Stage 2 (2017-06-16)Festivalmain performer 2017-06-16
Rock Fest Barcelona 2017, Day 1: Stage Rock (2017-06-30)Festivalmain performer 2017-06-30 13:30
M3 Rock Festival 2018, Day 2 (2018-05-05)Festivalmain performer 2018-05-05