Joe Quigley

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member of:Big Mess Orchestra
Butterfly Joe
Church of Betty
Cinema 8
Nine Stories (US | Lisa Loeb's backing band)
supporting bass guitar for:Lisa Loeb
Discogs: [info]


Alonebass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories2:59
Dance With the AngelsbassLisa Loeb3:38
Do You Sleep?bass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:53
Falling in LovebassLisa Loeb4:08
FirecrackerbassLisa Loeb5:43
Furious RosebassLisa Loeb3:23
Garden of Delightsbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories2:36
Guessing GamebassLisa Loeb4:02
Howbass guitarLisa Loeb3:50
Hurricanebass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories4:53
It’s Overbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:47
JakebassLisa Loeb3:03
Lisa Listenbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:28
Rose-Colored Timesbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:22
Sandalwoodbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories2:39
Snow Daybass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:54
Split SecondbassLisa Loeb2:37
Stay (I Missed You)bass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:04
Taffybass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:19
ThisbassLisa Loeb3:28
TruthfullybassLisa Loeb2:58
Waiting for Wednesdaybass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories3:09
When All the Stars Were Fallingbass guitar [bass]Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories2:51
Wishing HeartbassLisa Loeb2:53