Vinterriket (German black metal/ambient project)

~ Person

Performance name of: Christoph Ziegler

Also performs as: Atomtrakt, Nebelkorona



2012[FatheR:LanD]Various Artists1

Album + Compilation

2002D.S.T.Various Artists1
2006An Hommage to Falkenbach, Part IIVarious Artists1
2008All That Was Once Lost... ...We Remember ItVarious Artists1
2010Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic Psychedelia - Kapitel IIVarious Artists1
2011Pagan Folk Und Apocalyptic Psychedelia - Kapitel IIIVarious Artists1
Winter und KriegVarious Artists1
2000Promo Sampler #1Various Artists1
2005A Tribute to the Count Grishnack, Volume IIIVarious Artists1
2009Orkus Compilation 48Various Artists1
2009Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic PsychedeliaVarious Artists2

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