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1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Acid TruthtrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band5:09
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Buddy BuddytrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:49
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Comin' Home BabytrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:17
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22GreensleevestrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band4:38
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Hello, I Love YoutrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band4:17
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22It's CrazytrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band5:59
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Love and PeacetrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:39
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Mexicali NosetrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:37
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22PartheniatrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band5:03
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22RuthtrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band4:12
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Soul KitchentrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:58
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Soul LadytrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band4:55
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22St. Petersburg RacetrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band2:43
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22Street KiddietrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:40
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22The Meaning of the BluestrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:45
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22The WordtrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band5:51
1969-01-03 – 1969-01-22WonderbagtrumpetThe Buddy Rich Big Band4:52
1972-04-17 – 1972-05Big Swiftychimes and trumpetFrank Zappa17:22
1972-04-17 – 1972-05It Just Might Be a One‐Shot DealtrumpetFrank Zappa4:17
1972-04-17 – 1972-05Waka/Jawakachimes, flugelhorn and trumpetFrank Zappa11:18
1972-04-17 – 1972-05Your MouthtrumpetFrank Zappa3:12
1992-01-12'Round MidnightbrassGRP All-Star Big Band7:03
1992-01-12AireginbrassGRP All-Star Big Band5:12
1992-01-12Blue TrainbrassGRP All-Star Big Band4:37
1992-01-12Donna LeebrassGRP All-Star Big Band4:14
1992-01-12FootprintsbrassGRP All-Star Big Band6:56
1992-01-12I Remember CliffordbrassGRP All-Star Big Band5:34
1992-01-12Maiden VoyagebrassGRP All-Star Big Band6:34
1992-01-12MantecabrassGRP All-Star Big Band6:58
1992-01-12Seven Steps to HeavenbrassGRP All-Star Big Band5:59
1992-01-12Sister SadiebrassGRP All-Star Big Band6:52
1992-01-12SpainbrassGRP All-Star Big Band5:20
1992-01-12The SidewinderbrassGRP All-Star Big Band6:40
Blessed ReliefbrassFrank Zappa8:00
Blessed ReliefbrassFrank Zappa8:00
Cletus Awreetus‐AwrightusbrassFrank Zappa2:57
Eat That QuestionbrassFrank Zappa6:43
Fool for YoutrumpetBranford Marsalis feat. The Impressions3:46
Main Title (Jack’s Theme)trumpetDave Grusin6:41
Makin’ WhoopeetrumpetMichelle Pfeiffer3:10
Mischievous WaystrumpetThe Crusaders6:13
My Funny ValentinetrumpetMichelle Pfeiffer3:02
My Man’s Gone NowtrumpetDave Grusin6:52
Our Love Is Here to StaytrumpetDave Grusin3:15
Rampageadditional and trumpetMarcus Miller5:49
Shop Till You BoptrumpetDave Grusin4:37
Soft on MetrumpetDave Grusin2:32
Suzie and JacktrumpetDave Grusin5:00
The Grand Wazoosolo and trumpetFrank Zappa13:20
The Moment of TruthtrumpetDave Grusin3:55
Three WishestrumpetThe Crusaders7:04
Welcome to the RoadtrumpetDave Grusin5:34
What a Difference a Day MakestrumpetDiane Schuur4:54
'round MidnightSal Marquez6:17
I Could Write a BookSal Marquez6:59
If I Were a BellSal Marquez6:28
In Your Own Sweet WaySal Marquez9:15
MilesSal Marquez7:27
My ShipSal Marquez7:47
SolarSal Marquez6:44
WayneSal Marquez7:33
You're My EverythingSal Marquez6:06
1972-04-17 – 1972-05It Just Might Be a One‐Shot DealFrank Zappa4:17
1972-04-17 – 1972-05Your MouthFrank Zappa3:12
Dinah‐Moe Humm (original stereo mix)The Mothers6:04
For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch‐Hikers)The Mothers7:15
The Grand WazooFrank Zappa13:20
Apostrophe (’)trumpetFrank Zappa