Gonzalez (British soul group)

~ Group


members: Robert Ahwai (electric guitar)
Richard Bailey (drummer) (drums, percussion)
Bud Beadle (flute, saxophone)
Bobby John (percussion)
Hugh Bullen (electric bass guitar)
Tim Cansfield (electric guitar)
Ron Carthy (trumpet)
Sergio Castillo (drums)
George Chandler (UK vocalist, member of The Olympic Runners & Londonbeat) (lead vocals)
Roy Davies (Soul/disco keyboardist & songwriter) (keyboard)
Martin Drover (trumpet)
Martin Drover (flugelhorn)
Mick Eve (tenor saxophone)
Godfrey Mclean (drums)
Steve Gregory (English jazz saxophonist) (flute, saxophone)
Kuma Harada (electric bass guitar)
DeLisle Harper (electric bass guitar)
Gordon Hunte (electric guitar)
Jake Jacas (trombone)
Glen LeFleur (drums)
Alan Marshall (member of Loose Ends, One, Zzebra) (lead vocals)
Chris Mercer (tenor saxophone)
Max Middleton (keyboard)
Trevor Murrell (drums)
Alex Sharpe (percussion)
Alex Sharpe (viola)
Larry Steele (electric bass guitar)
Bobby Stignac (percussion)
Linda Taylor (UK pop, disco, funk singer) (lead vocals)
Bobby Tench (1970 – 1971)
Carl Douglas (lead vocals) (1971 – 1973)
Lenny Zakatek (lead vocals) (1974 – 1980)
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