Tech N9ne (US rapper)

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The Calm Before the Storm, Part ITech N9neCD15
  • US1999-11-09
MidWestSide RecordsMWS 6621670323662126
The WorstTech N9neCD17
  • US2000-03-28
MidWestSide RecordsMWS 6702608173467028
AnghellicTech N9neCD22
  • US2001-08-28
JCOR Entertainment422 860 949‐2042286094922
The Worst (2K edition)Tech N9neCD17
  • US2001-10-02
MidWestSide RecordsMWS 6702608173467028
AngHellicTech N9ne(unknown)6
Absolute PowerTech N9neCD + DVD20 + 7
  • US2002-09-24
Strange Music (US hip-hop)MSC 10012825099100123
CelciusTech N9neCD14
MidWestSide Records[none]608173458422
Absolute Power (Unofficial Release)Tech N9neCD20
Strange Music (US hip-hop)10012825099100123
SlackerTech N9neCD4
Strange Music (US hip-hop)RSS0002
Anghellic: ReparationTech N9neCD22
  • US2003-02-11
Strange Music (US hip-hop)MSC10052
I'm a PlayaTech N9ne12" Vinyl6
Strange Music (US hip-hop)TECH9PRO
Here Comes Tecca NinaTech N9neCD4
Strange Music (US hip-hop)[none]
Vintage TechTech N9neCD18
  • US2005-03-22
MSC Music & Entertainment, Strange Music (US hip-hop)MSC‐1012 2825099101229
Everready: The Religion (Collectors Edition)Tech N9ne2×CD20 + 15
  • US2006-11-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 01893981001018
Everready: The Religion (FYE exclusive)Tech N9ne2×CD20 + 15
  • US2006-11-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 02 IN02893981001025
Everready: The Religion (clean)Tech N9neCD20
  • US2006-11-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 03893981001032
The Worst: 2K Edition (reissue w/faded colours and shorter booklet)Tech N9neCD17
MidWestSide RecordsMWS 6702608173467028
Collabos: Misery Loves KompanyTech N9neCD17
  • US2007-07-17
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 04893981001049
KillerTech N9ne2×CD16 + 16
  • US2008-07-01
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 48893981001483
Nothin’Tech N9ne feat. Big Scoob, The Boy Boy & Messy MarvDigital Media1
  • US2009-04-14
Collabos: Sickology 101Tech N9neCD18
  • US2009-04-28
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐54893981001544
K.O.D. (iTunes pre-order bonus tracks)Tech N9neDigital Media25
  • -2009-10-06
Show Me a GodTech N9neDigital Media1
  • US2009-10-20
K.O.D.Tech N9neCD23
  • US2009-10-26
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-64893981001643
The Lost Scripts of K.O.D.Tech N9neCD5
  • US2010-03-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 74893981001742
Collabos: The Gates Mixed PlateTech N9neCD22
  • US2010-07-27
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐79893981001797
Seepage EPTech N9neCD6
  • US2010-10-25
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐82893981001827
Strange Days Tour: A Decade Of Excellence (Tour CD)Tech N9neCD27
Strange Music (US hip-hop)[none]
Bad SeasonTech N9neCD16
  • US2011-01-25
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 84893981001841
Bad SeasonTech N9neDigital Media18
  • US2011-01-25
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Bad SeasonTech N9neDigital Media16
  • US2011-02-01
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Mama NemTech N9neDigital Media1
  • US2011-05-17
He's a Mental GiantTech N9neDigital Media1
  • US2011-05-24
Worldwide ChoppersTech N9ne feat. Busta Rhymes, Ceza, D-Loc, JL, Twista, Twisted Insane, U$O & YelawolfDigital Media1
  • -2011-05-27
Strange Music (US hip-hop)044003142756
All 6’s and 7’sTech N9neCD24
  • US2011-06-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐87893981001872
All 6's and 7's (Deluxe Edition)Tech N9neDigital Media28
  • CA2011-06-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
All 6's and 7's (iTunes Deluxe Edition)Tech N9neDigital Media27
  • US2011-06-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)[none]
All 6's and 7's (Best Buy Exclusive)Tech N9neCD27
  • US2011-06-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
All 6's and 7's (Strange Music Pre-Order Bonus)Tech N9neCD25
  • US2011-06-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Welcome to StrangelandTech N9ne2×CD15 + 4
  • US2011-11-08
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-012853435003012
Collabos: Welcome to Strangeland (Best Buy deluxe edition)Tech N9neCD18
  • US2011-11-08
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐036853435003036
When I Was High (remix)Nikkiya feat. Tech N9ne & RittzDigital Media1
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Madness UnleashedTech N9neDigital Media22
Klusterfuk EPTech N9neCD6
  • US2012-03-13
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-067853435003067
Klusterfuk EPTech N9neDigital Media6
  • US2012-03-13
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Rollin' StoneTech N9ne Presents Stevie StoneDigital Media16
  • US2012-06-12
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-098853435003098
E.B.A.H.Tech N9neCD10
  • US2012-09-18
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐128853435003128
E.B.A.H.Tech N9neDigital Media10
  • GB2012-09-19
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Boiling PointTech N9neCD7
  • US2012-10-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐166853435003166
Boiling PointTech N9neDigital Media7
  • US2012-10-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)[none]
E.B.A.H. & Boiling PointTech N9ne2×CD10 + 7
Stranger Music Inc.SMI-159853435003159
See MeTech N9ne feat. Wiz Khalifa & B.o.BDigital Media4
  • -2013-07-01
FragileTech N9ne feat. Kendrick Lamar, ¡Mayday! &Digital Media4
  • XW2013-07-17
Strange Music (US hip-hop)853435003388853435003388
Something ElseTech N9neCD21
  • US2013-07-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 241853435003241
Something Else (All Access edition)Tech N9neCD24
  • US2013-07-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐258853435003258
Something Else (Digital All Access Edition)Tech N9neDigital Media26
  • US2013-07-30
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Party the Pain AwayTech N9ne feat. Liz SuwandiDigital Media1
  • XW2013-08-13
Stranger Music Inc.887158543401
TherapyTech N9neCD11
  • US2013-11-05
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐296853435003296
StrangeulationTech N9neCD17
  • US2014-05-06
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-418853435003418
Collabos: Strangeulation (delux edition)Tech N9neCD21
  • US2014-05-06
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐425853435003425
Strangeulation (Deluxe Edition)Tech N9neCD22
  • US2014-05-06
Strange Music (US hip-hop)T9CDSTRNGLTN_DLX
Strangeulation (Deluxe Edition)Tech N9neDigital Media21
  • US2014-05-06
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Vintage TechTech N9neDigital Media18
  • US2015-03-04
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Special EffectsTech N9neCD + DVD-Video24 + 1
  • US2015-05-04
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-623853435003623
Special EffectsTech N9neCD24
  • US2015-05-04
INgrooves, RBC Records, Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐630853435003630
Special Effects (explicit)Tech N9neDigital Media24
  • XW2015-05-04
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-692853435003692
Special Effects (clean)Tech N9neDigital Media24
  • -2015-05-04
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-708853435003708
Special EffectsTech N9neDigital Media27
  • XW2015-05-04
Strange Music (US hip-hop)853435003685
John Doe (Chopped Up Not Slopped Up Version)C-Bo x Tech N9ne x T‐Nutty x OG Ron CDigital Media1
  • XW2015-07-10
RBC Records[none]
Collabos: Strangeulation, Vol. IITech N9neCD23
  • US2015-11-20
RBC Records, Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐838853435003838
Strangeulation, Vol. IITech N9neDigital Media23
  • US2015-11-20
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 906
Actin Like You KnowMackenzie Nicole feat. Tech N9neDigital Media1
Strange Music (US hip-hop)853435003913
Erbody but MeTech N9ne feat. Bizzy & Krizz KalikoDigital Media1
  • XW2016-09-09
Stranger Music Inc.
I Get It NowTech N9neDigital Media1
  • XW2016-09-09
Stranger Music Inc.
What If It Was MeTech N9ne feat. Krizz KalikoDigital Media1
  • XW2016-09-09
SrirachaTech N9ne feat. Logic & Joyner LucasDigital Media1
  • XW2016-10-12
Stranger Music Inc.
Shoot Back (Dear Officer)KXNG Crooked feat. Tech N9neDigital Media1
  • XW2016-10-21
RBC Records
ChoosinTech N9ne feat. BrandoshisDigital Media1
  • -2016-10-25
Stranger Music Inc.
The ThingTech N9ne feat. Krizz KalikoDigital Media1
  • US2016-11-11
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
The Storm (deluxe edition)Tech N9ne2×CD20 + 23
  • US2016-12-09
INgrooves, RBC Records, Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐096856934006096
The Storm (deluxe edition)Tech N9neDigital Media32
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-119856934006119
The Storm (standart edition)Tech N9neDigital Media17
  • -2016-12-09
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI 317
PTSD (Warrior Built)Tech N9ne(unknown)3
  • US2017-03-28
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Collabos: Dominion (Standard Edition)Tech N9neCD21
  • US2017-04-07
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-515856934006515
Collabos: DominionTech N9neCD24
  • US2017-04-07
INgrooves, RBC Records, Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI‐553856934006553
Dominion (Deluxe Edition)Tech N9neDigital Media24
  • US2017-04-20
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-533
Barely HumanRoyce da 5′9″ feat. Tech N9neDigital Media1
  • XW2017-08-08
22 Entertainment, Bad Half Entertainment[none]
Strange ReignTech N9ne2×CD15 + 5
  • US2017-10-13
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-0771856100007711
Collabos: Strange Reign (Digital Deluxe)Tech N9neDigital Media20
  • US2017-10-13
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Strange ReignTech N9neDigital Media15
  • US2017-10-13
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
PlanetTech N9neCD16
  • US2018-03-02
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-0806851287008063
Planet (deluxe edition)Tech N9neCD19
  • US2018-03-02
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-0807851287008070
Planet (deluxe)Tech N9neDigital Media19
  • US2018-03-02
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
Planet (Pre-order edition)Tech N9neCD-R20
Strange Music (US hip-hop)
N9NA Collection 1Tech N9neDigital Media4
  • XW2018-11-02
Strange Music (US hip-hop)850002640052
N9NA Collection 2Tech N9neDigital Media4
  • XW2019-03-08
Strange Music (US hip-hop)850002640205
N9NATech N9neCD21
  • US2019-04-19
Strange Music (US hip-hop)SMI-0038850002640380
N9NATech N9neDigital Media21
  • XW2019-04-19
Strange Music (US hip-hop)850002640373
N9NATech N9neDigital Media22
  • XW2019-04-19
Strange Music (US hip-hop)850002640373
PowerlinesSheven feat. Tech N9neDigital Media1
  • XW2019-08-02
VIP Music Records
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