The Three Degrees began in the early 60s as the original trio of Fayette Pinkney, Shirley Porter, and Linda Turner - but the group underwent many member changes throughout their long history, so keeping track of the lineup changes can be quite a challenge. as far as i could fairly determine, i've added comments to several of the album and compilation groups to indicate the actual lineup in those albums/compilations, though in some cases, the complications extend to recordings by different lineups being included within the same compilations, particularly with boxsets.

The Three Degrees in Girl Groups: Fabulous Females Who Rocked The World / useful discography reference (includes exact lineups for each release):

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1970Maybe (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees2
1973The Three Degrees (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees5
1975International (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees35
1976A Toast of Love (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1977Standing Up for Love (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney/Scott)The Three Degrees2
1978New Dimensions (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees3
19793D (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees4
1985Album of Love (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees1
1989…And Holding (Scott, Holiday, Wallace)The Three Degrees1
1993Out of the Past, Into the Future: Greatest Hits and More (Scott, Holiday, Garrison)The Three Degrees1
1997Turnin’ Up the HeatThe Three Degrees1
1998Christmas With The Three Degrees (Scott, Holiday, Garrison)The Three Degrees1
2004Greatest Hits (Scott, Holiday, Garrison - new recordings, not a compilation)The Three Degrees3
2009Undercover 2009 (Scott, Holiday, Garrison)The Three Degrees1

Album + Compilation

197920 Greatest Hits (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees3
1980Gold (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees2
1990The Best of...The Three Degrees1
1992The Complete Swan Recordings (Swan era, circa 1963–70)The Three Degrees1
1992Women In LoveThe Three Degrees1
1993The Very Best of The Three Degrees (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott / Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1995The Three Degrees and FriendsThe Three Degrees and FriendsThis artist credit has pending edits.1
1995The Roulette Years (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1995The Very Best of The Three Degrees (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees1
1995The Great 3 Degrees (cover art shows Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney, but recordings appear mixed)The Three Degrees1
1996The Best of The Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1997The Best of The 3 Degrees (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees1
1998When Will I See You Again (may not be Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
2001Greatest Hits (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney on cover, but tracks are mixed)The Three Degrees1
2002Super Hits (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
2006Signs of Love (Pinkney, Scott, Harmon; Swan era singles compilation, circa 1963-66)The Three Degrees51
2009The Best of The Three DegreesThe Three Degrees1
2012Maybe / So Much Love (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
2014The Very Best ofThe Three Degrees1
2017When Will I See You Again (The Best Of The Three Degrees)The Three Degrees1
Hits and More…The Three Degrees1
When Will I See You Again (mixed bag of tracks)The Three Degrees2

Album + Live

2009The Three Degrees Live (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney; live, 1975: Leicester, UK)The Three Degrees1


1970What I See / Reflections of Yesterday (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1970Maybe / Collage (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1973Dirty Ol’ Man / Can’t You See What You’re Doing to MeThe Three Degrees2
1974TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) / Love Is the MessageMFSB featuring The Three Degrees34
1974When Will I See You AgainThe Three Degrees41
1974Year of DecisionThe Three Degrees1
1975Take Good Care of YourselfThe Three Degrees1
1976Dirty Ol' Man / When Will I See You AgainThe Three Degrees2
1976Toast of Love / Do It (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)The Three Degrees1
1978Giving Up, Giving In (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees1
1979Woman in Love / Out of Love AgainThe Three Degrees1
1980My Simple Heart / Hot Summer Night (Ferguson, Holiday, Scott)The Three Degrees1
1985The Heaven I NeedThe Three Degrees1
1993When Will I See You AgainThomas Anders featuring The Three Degrees1
1998Last ChristmasAlien Voices feat. The Three Degrees1


1996When Will I See You AgainThe Three Degrees1

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