Name ISRCs Rating Length
Ain't the Same 3:13
Ain’t The Same USFVZ1100002 3:19
Bag of Bones USFVZ0900443 4:05
Brick Thieves 4:07
Cairo, Illinois 4:20
Can't Be Satisfied 2:55
Chittlin' Cookin' Time in Cheatham County 4:32
Claude Jones USFVZ0900437 3:38
Claude Jones 3:56
Coffee Pot Blues USFVZ1100012 4:01
Daffodil Blues USFVZ0900447 3:30
Drinkin Whiskey Tonight 2:55
Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight 3:29
Drinkin’ Whiskey Tonight USFVZ1100010 2:53
Fan It 3:33
Fan It 3:04
Feels So Good USFVZ1100007 2:56
Good Country Girls USFVZ1100011 3:13
Hard Times Come and Go USFVZ0900439 3:46
Hard Times Come and Go 4:05
Head to Toe USFVZ1100003 2:32
In the Graveyard Now USFVZ0900444 3:35
In The Graveyard Now 4:52
Keep Your Hands Off My Gal USFVZ1100013 3:01
La La Blues USFVZ0900436 3:42
La La Blues 4:04
Migraines and Heartpains USFVZ0900445 2:42
Mississippi Girl USFVZ1100006 3:32
Old Black Dog USFVZ0900446 3:04
Pack It Up 2:59
Pack It Up 3:05
Red’s Theater of the Absurd USWD11365435 3:02
River Rock Bottom USFVZ1100008 4:32
Shenandoah River USFVZ1100005 2:41
Shenandoah River 2:33
So Long Honeybee, Goodbye USFVZ1100001 3:07
Sunny Side of the Street USFVZ1100004 2:49
Sweet Potato Blues USFVZ0900442 4 3:53
The Devil Ain't Lazy 2:48
Two-Faced Tom USFVZ0900440 3:15
Two-Faced Tom 2:58
Walk Your Way Out of Town 3:33
Weedwacker Rag USFVZ1100009 2:28
Won't Make Love at All USFVZ0900438 2:59
You Don't Want Me USFVZ0900441 2:54

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