Alan Vega

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member of: Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus
The Sisterhood (The Sisters of Mercy side-project)
Suicide (Alan Vega and Martin Rev)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Ghost Rider
I Remember
Pluja de merda
I Remember
Rencontre à l'as Vega
Tangerine (Christophe song)
Listen to the Hiss Hell 4:39
Listen to the Hiss (feat. Alan Vega) Hell 4:38
Listen to the Hiss (feat. Alan Vega) Hell 4:52
Meet the Heat (feat. Alan Vega) Hell 5:32
Gift The Sisterhood
Gift The Sisterhood
Gift The Sisterhood
Gift The Sisterhood
Juke Box Baby Alan Vega 4:46
Mistake (Alan Vega remix) Moby 4:07
No Barrier Fun (Duetonal remix) Liars 3:00
The Assisi Machine (Alan Vega remix) Die Haut 4:43
They Are Deadly Surfers of Romantica 11:41
96 Tears Suicide 4:38
Brutal Piss Rods Étant Donnés 11:09
Cheree (remix) Alan Suicide 3:45
Dream Baby Dream Suicide 6:20
Ghost Rider Étant Donnés 5:10
Ghost Rider Suicide 7:07
Harlem Suicide 9:51
I Remember Alan Suicide 3:15
Out in the Rain additional Gemma Ray 3:20
Re-Up Étant Donnés 3:49
Rock 'n' Roll (Is Killing My Life) Suicide 5:14
Rocket U.S.A. Suicide 4:54
Rocket USA lead vocals The Fleshtones 3:39
Scary Scary Ghostigital 4:06
Shadows Lights Étant Donnés 5:11
Suicide Note The Vacant Lots 3:34
Sweet White Lady Suicide 8:43
Bye Bye Bayou
Cool as Ice
Dream Baby Dream (arrangement by Bruce Springsteen)
Dream Baby Dream
Frankie Teardrop
Ghost Rider
Goodbye Darling
Listen to the Hiss
Rain of Ruin
Rock 'n' Roll (Is Killing My Life)
Rocket U.S.A.
Viet Vet
Wipeout Beach