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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
It’s Too Late (To Love Me Now) Cher 3:39
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13 Andromeda's Suffering violin Alice Coltrane 9:04
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13 Excerpts From the Firebird violin Alice Coltrane 5:43
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13 Going Home violin Alice Coltrane 9:59
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13 Lord of Lords violin Alice Coltrane 11:17
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13 Sri Rama Ohnedaruth violin Alice Coltrane 6:12
1976-07-15 – 1976-07-29 I Wish I Was in New Orleans (in the Ninth Ward) violin Tom Waits 4:53
1976-07-15 – 1976-07-29 Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen) violin Tom Waits 6:40
1976-07 Club Social Do Marianao violin Israel “Cachao” López 7:32
1976-07 Isora Club violin Israel “Cachao” López 6:38
1976-07 Mambo violin Israel “Cachao” López 3:15
1977-05-05 – 1977-05-18 Radhe Shyam violin Alice Coltrane 7:00
1977-05-05 – 1977-05-18 Transcendence violin Alice Coltrane 6:03
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Captain’s Log (M21) / Hot Head (M22) / Geordi Leaves (M23) violin Ron Jones 1:53
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Change of Style (M31) / Suck Face (M32) / Collapsing Star (M33) / Wesley’s Takeover (M34) violin Ron Jones 1:46
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Ending (M66) violin Ron Jones 0:52
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Exploding Star (M54) violin Ron Jones 2:15
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Infection in Control (M51) / Running Out of Time (M52) / Horny Doctor (M53) violin Ron Jones 2:39
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Longing for Sight (M24) violin Ron Jones 1:54
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: No Control (M41) / Needing Love (M42AltA) violin Ron Jones 2:28
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Our Only Hope (M61) / Placing the Chips(M62) / One More Minute (M63) / Hypos (M64) / Repulsor Beam (M65) violin Ron Jones 4:25
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Rendezvous with Tsiolkovsky (M11) / Impossible Happens (M12) / MFX 11 / The Frozen (M13) violin Ron Jones 3:31
1987-08-20 The Naked Now: Troi’s Feelings (M43) / We’ll be Dead (M44) violin Ron Jones 1:12
1999-02-19 – 1999-02-22 Lonely Town solo and violin Shirley Horn, Charlie Haden Quartet West 5:28
1999-02-19 – 1999-02-22 You My Love solo and violin Bill Henderson, Charlie Haden Quartet West 4:24
1999-02-23 Ruth’s Waltz solo and violin Bill Henderson, Charlie Haden Quartet West 4:14
1999-02-23 Scenes From a Silver Screen solo and violin Charlie Haden Quartet West 6:24
A Lover's Mask violin Lalo Schifrin 5:54
A Night in Venezia violin Lalo Schifrin 7:08
Angel of Air violin Carlos Santana 11:19
Angel of Air violin Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 3:53
Angel of Sunlight violin Carlos Santana 14:50
Angel of Water violin Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 5:30
Bella (She’s All I Ever Had) violin Ricky Martin 4:56
Bliss: The Eternal Now violin Carlos Santana 5:51
Bliss: The Eternal Now – Return violin Carlos Santana 4:04
Come My Way violin Lalo Schifrin 5:04
Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) strings Regina Belle 4:23
Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism violin Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 1:02
Illuminations violin Carlos Santana 4:31
Illuminations violin Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 4:28
Justine violin Lalo Schifrin 5:41
Love Won't Let Me Go strings Dee Dee Bridgewater 4:00
Love's the Place to Be violin Will Downing 5:04
Midnight Rendezvous strings Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson 3:52
Prema violin Alice Coltrane 9:50
Relaxin' at Charenton violin Lalo Schifrin 5:32
She’s All I Ever Had violin Ricky Martin 4:55
Spanish Eyes violin Ricky Martin 4:05
Spring Sounds from Rite of Spring violin Alice Coltrane 5:59
Tequila Mockingbird strings Dee Dee Bridgewater 4:02
That Same Song violin The Beach Boys 2:17
The Marquis is Back violin Lalo Schifrin 5:58
The Two of Us strings Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson 4:31
A Merry Little Christmas violin Linda Ronstadt
Fever violin Ronnie Laws
Fever violin Ronnie Laws
Infinity violin John Coltrane
Infinity violin John Coltrane
Living Together, Growing Together Murray Adler strings The 5th Dimension
Middle of Nowhere violin Hanson
Testify violin The Simpsons
Testify: A Whole Lot More Original Music From the Television Series violin The Simpsons
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House) violin Natalie Cole