The Waltons (German band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
24 Hours From Tulsa Waltons 3:00
Acting Wild The Waltons 2:31
America First! The Waltons 2:33
Angels The Waltons 2:58
Anger The Waltons 2:45
Ayhan Did the Right Thing! The Waltons 3:27
Back In The Saddle Waltons 2:01
Back in the Saddle II The Waltons 2:58
Blitzkrieg Bop The Waltons 2:07
Boxing Day (Cashmastime) Waltons 3:10
But He Says The Waltons 3:28
Calagoony The Waltons 3:07
Can't Get You Off My Mind Waltons 2:54
Christmastime On Walton's Mountain Waltons 3:38
Christmastime On Walton's Mountain The Waltons 2:21
Country Girl The Waltons 2:22
Cowgirls don't shoot straight Waltons 4:37
Dark Valley The Waltons 3:06
Devil's Face The Waltons 3:38
Disbelieve in me Waltons 4:12
Disrespectacle The Waltons 2:12
Don't Reach out for My Mind! The Waltons 3:10
Don't Tell My Heart Waltons 2:39
El Paso Waltons 5:10
Fairy Tales The Waltons 2:57
Faith The Waltons 3:10
Feel the Overload Waltons 3:29
Four Winds Blow The Waltons 1:54
Frontier Pharmacist Waltons 1:56
Getting Away The Waltons 3:39
Goin' Rodeo The Waltons 1:55
Goin' Rodeo The Waltons 2:03
Gone Forever Waltons 4:16
Hear the Waltons' call Waltons 4:09
Here Is Your Crowd The Waltons 4:12
Homeward Bound Waltons 3:37
How Could You Not Remember This Is My Birthday? The Waltons 2:18
I Don't Care Waltons 3:33
I Don't Know Where I'm Going The Waltons 4:21
I Don't Know Why They Don't Want Me Here The Waltons 2:34
I Get Around The Waltons ?:??
If You Don't, Somebody Else Will Waltons 2:38
In an Abstract World The Waltons 3:11
In My Own Memory The Waltons 3:09
Intro The Waltons 1:30
Intro Waltons 2:10
Intro The Waltons 2:36
Introduction Waltons 1:36
It's not the fish, Baby Waltons 2:46
It's Up to You Waltons 3:25
Knock Him Dead The Waltons 2:02
Leo, Charlotte & Marlene The Waltons 3:04
Long Haired Country Boy Waltons 4:08
Looking at Country The Waltons 2:02
Lose Innocence for Extasy The Waltons 5:14
Lost Highway Waltons 2:11
Lost, Found & Prisonbound Waltons 2:35
Love me with the knife Waltons 2:31
Lucille Waltons 3:46
Mexico The Waltons 2:49
Miss Liberty Got Stuck The Waltons 3:26
Mockin' Bird Hill Waltons 4:07
My Honey Waltons 1:44
My Motor Waltons 3:09
No I Can't Testify The Waltons 5:01
Oh Little Princess The Waltons 4:32
Outro The Waltons 0:57
Rain Waltons 6:21
Remain in Rust The Waltons 6:30
Remain in Rust The Waltons 6:29
Rhinestone Cowboy Waltons 4:45
Ridin' High Waltons 3:30
Riding a Dead Horse The Waltons 3:33
Right here I find my way home The Waltons 2:09
Right Here I Find My Way Home The Waltons 2:10
Rude Boy Waltons 3:21
Run of the World The Waltons 3:54
Sawmill Rocking The Waltons 2:04
Setting The Woods On Fire The Waltons 1:56
Shoot On You The Waltons 2:34
Shoot out in the air Waltons 4:15
Six Days on the Road Waltons 2:25
Skip To My Lou The Little Waltons 2:42
Solitary Man The Waltons 1:56
Song for Leo The Waltons 2:12
Stand By Your Man Waltons 3:01
Starry Starry Night Waltons 3:46
Sweet ma petite Waltons 4:06
Take Me Higher The Waltons 2:49
Take Your Stand, Trucker Waltons 2:47
Teenage Trash The Waltons 1:32
Teenage Trash The Waltons 1:32
Tell Me Straight Waltons 3:38
Thanksgiving Day The Waltons 3:09
The Cry Of The Wild Goose Waltons 3:49
The Day the Cat Destroyed My Kitchen The Waltons 3:50
The Eagle Flies (Like a Bomber Again) Waltons 4:09
The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore Waltons 2:44
The Little Ones Waltons 0:57
The Sunlight The Waltons 4:20

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