Lighthouse (Canadian rock/swing band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
[intro] 2:46
1849 (live) 6:43
Beneath My Woman (live) 8:52
Broken Guitar Blues (live) 3:43
Fine China (live) 6:02
Hats Off to the Stranger (live) 3:56
Lonely Places / Lonely Hours (live) 14:18
Love of a Woman (live) 5:54
One Fine Morning (live) 5:12
Pretty Lady (live) 5:47
Reason to Celebrate (live) 4:31
Song of the Ages (live) 4:47
Sunny Days (live) 4:04
Sweet Lullabye (live) 4:35
Take It Slow (live) 3:15
You Girl (live) 3:18

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