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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
RedboneCassandra Wilson5:36
1986-01-28 – 1986-01-31Chong ChongpercussionDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard5:01
1993-03 – 1993-07Black CrowpercussionCassandra Wilson4:38
1993-03 – 1993-07Blue Light ’Til DawnpercussionCassandra Wilson5:10
1993-03 – 1993-07EstrellaspercussionCassandra Wilson2:00
1993-03 – 1993-07RedbonepercussionCassandra Wilson5:36
1993-09-03Nile's SongpercussionHannibal Marvin Peterson6:40
1993-09-03One With the WindpercussionHannibal Marvin Peterson7:40
1993-09-03RevelationpercussionHannibal Marvin Peterson5:51
1993-09-03Since She Went AwaypercussionHannibal Marvin Peterson5:06
2002-08 – 2002-12Afro BluepercussionLizz Wright5:51
2002-08 – 2002-12EternitypercussionLizz Wright3:33
2002-08 – 2002-12FirepercussionLizz Wright4:15
2002-08 – 2002-12GoodbyepercussionLizz Wright3:55
2002-08 – 2002-12Lead the WaypercussionLizz Wright4:23
2002-08 – 2002-12Open Your Eyes, You Can FlypercussionLizz Wright5:08
2002-08 – 2002-12Soon as I Get HomepercussionLizz Wright4:27
2002-08 – 2002-12Vocalize / End of the LinepercussionLizz Wright4:33
2002-08 – 2002-12Walk With Me, LordpercussionLizz Wright4:06
2002Hot Tamales (They're Red Hot)other instrumentsCassandra Wilson1:41
2004-10-27 – 2004-12-05A Taste of Honeyadditional and percussionLizz Wright3:50
2004-10-27 – 2004-12-05Get Togetheradditional and percussionLizz Wright4:39
2004-10-27 – 2004-12-05When I Close My Eyesadditional and percussionLizz Wright3:17
2009-05EclipsepercussionCarolyn Leonhart, Wayne Escoffery6:37
2009-05Straight to You (Baloo Baloo)percussionCarolyn Leonhart, Wayne Escoffery5:24
2009-05The Harbor (Poppy's Song)percussionCarolyn Leonhart, Wayne Escoffery6:38
2009-05The Sweetest SoundspercussionCarolyn Leonhart, Wayne Escoffery7:38
A Little Warm DeathpercussionCassandra Wilson5:47
Anthem (When We All Come Home)percussionPeter Jennison2:39
As Stars FellpercussionWill Ackerman3:59
BlackbirdJeffrey HaynespercussionDionne Farris3:09
Briars Above the WellpercussionWill Ackerman5:48
Carpe DiempercussionKori Linae Carothers3:55
Don't Ever Touch Me (Again)Jeffrey HaynespercussionDionne Farris4:27
Fear Not MarypercussionWill Ackerman3:28
Find Your WayJeffrey HaynespercussionDionne Farris5:44
Hide and SeekpercussionShambhu3:35
His Old EyespercussionWill Ackerman4:59
Queen of the Field (Patsey’s Song)percussionAlicia Keys5:38
ShalompercussionRonnda Cadle3:09
Somewhere in All This GreenmembranophoneWill Ackerman4:46
Stop to ThinkpercussionDionne Farris5:29
The Brightest NightpercussionTodd Boston4:27
The WheelpercussionWill Ackerman3:09
UntilbongosCassandra Wilson6:30
WaterJeffrey HaynespercussionDionne Farris4:07
After the Beginning AgainpercussionCassandra Wilson
Dance to the Drums AgainpercussionCassandra Wilson
NovemberpercussionJeremy Pelt
Water and EarthJeffrey HaynespercussionJeremy Pelt