member of:Shadowman
Wildlife (UK 1980s rock band featuring Steve Overland) (guitar) (1980 – 1983)
Wildlife (UK 1980s rock band featuring Steve Overland) (lead vocals) (1980 – 1983)
original member of:Overland (band featuring Steve Overland)
FM (UK rock / AOR band) (guitar, lead vocals) (1984 –)
siblings:Chris Overland
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Wikidata:Q606595 [info]


Angel Without Wings
Fast Train
Gimme Your Love
Hard Heart to Break
Heart & Soul
My Imagination
One in a Million
Rhythm of Life
Rock & Roll Dreamer
Wanted Man
Yesterday Heroes
Angel Without Wings
Fast Train
Gimme Your Love
Hard Heart to Break
Heart & Soul
My Imagination
One in a Million
Rhythm of Life
Rock & Roll Dreamer
Wanted Man
Yesterday Heroes
Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the Citybackground vocalsNicky Moore4:15
Always Yourslead vocalsLee Abraham6:17
Always Yoursbackground vocalsLee Abraham6:17
Angel Without Wingsbackground vocalsLonerider3:38
Angel Without Wingslead vocalsLonerider3:38
Billy Carborne Is Deadbackground vocalsSteve Walsh4:52
Born in Firebackground vocalsSteve Walsh feat. Jerome Mazza3:32
Crying in the Rainbackground vocalsDoogie White5:45
Dear Kolindabackground vocalsSteve Walsh4:59
Fall Freelead vocalsAlan Parsons4:22
Fast Trainbackground vocalsLonerider3:58
Fast Trainlead vocalsLonerider3:58
Fool for Your Lovin’background vocalsSteve Grimmett4:00
Gimme Your Lovelead vocalsLonerider3:47
Gimme Your Lovebackground vocalsLonerider3:47
Grace and Naturebackground vocalsSteve Walsh4:11
Hard Heart to Breakbackground vocalsLonerider4:11
Hard Heart to Breaklead vocalsLonerider4:11
Heart & Soullead vocalsLonerider4:02
Heart & Soulbackground vocalsLonerider4:02
Hell or High Waterbackground vocalsSteve Walsh5:14
Here I Go Againbackground vocalsBernie Shaw4:01
Is This Lovebackground vocalsNicky Moore4:46
Judgement Daybackground vocalsDoogie White5:32
Loneriderbackground vocalsLonerider3:38
Loneriderlead vocalsLonerider3:38
Looking for Lovelead vocalsSteve Overland6:16
Looking for Lovebackground vocalsSteve Overland6:16
Love Ain’t No Strangerbackground vocalsBernie Shaw4:15
Mercy on Mebackground vocalsSteve Walsh feat. Jerome Mazza4:58
My Imaginationlead vocalsLonerider3:19
My Imaginationbackground vocalsLonerider3:19
Nothing but Nothingbackground vocalsSteve Walsh5:11
Now Until Foreverbackground vocalsSteve Walsh feat. Jerome Mazza4:38
One in a Millionlead vocalsLonerider3:33
One in a Millionbackground vocalsLonerider3:33
Owner of a Lonely HeartAdam Wakeman feat. Steve Overland4:25
Revealing Science of GodAdam Wakeman feat. Steve Overland7:58
Rhythm of Lifelead vocalsLonerider3:32
Rhythm of Lifebackground vocalsLonerider3:32
Rock & Roll Dreamerlead vocalsLonerider4:59
Rock & Roll Dreamerbackground vocalsLonerider4:59
Slide It Inlead vocalsSteve Overland3:18
Slide It Inbackground vocalsSteve Overland3:18
Slow an’ Easybackground vocalsSteve Grimmett5:49
Still of the Nightbackground vocalsSteve Grimmett6:46
Tanglewood Treebackground vocalsSteve Walsh5:08
The Deeper the Lovelead vocalsSteve Overland4:29
The Deeper the Lovebackground vocalsSteve Overland4:29
The Piperbackground vocalsSteve Walsh6:03
Wanted Manbackground vocalsLonerider4:32
Wanted Manlead vocalsLonerider4:32
Warsawbackground vocalsSteve Walsh4:49
Winds of Warbackground vocalsSteve Walsh feat. Jerome Mazza4:45
Yesterday Heroeslead vocalsLonerider4:03
Yesterday Heroesbackground vocalsLonerider4:03
Mercy on Me
One Life
Winds of War