members:Lorenz Hasler (Swiss violinist) (from 1981 to present: violin)
Béla Szedlák (from 1981 to present: double bass)
Werner Giger (Swiss pianist) (from 1981 until 2000: piano)
Ferenc Szedlák (from 1981 until 2015: cello)
Thomas Füri (violinist and conductor) (from 1985 until 2000: violin)
Piotr Pławner (violinist) (from 2006 to present: violin)
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Alexander’s Ragtime Bandcello, double bass [bass], piano and violinI Salonisti2:31
Nearer My God to Theecello, double bass [bass], piano and violinI Salonisti2:50
Comme ci comme çaI Salonisti2:43
performing orchestra
Die Ferien des Monsieur Hulot: How Is the Weather in Paris?I Salonisti2:47