Altered State (US progressive rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Angst 4:36
Darkness Visible 5:32
Darkness Visible ?:??
Do What You Want 4:16
Drifting 2:02
Ghost Beside My Bed 5:51
Ghost Beside My Bed ?:??
Guillotine Proof 6:10
Heal Me 4:11
I Wish It Would Rain 5:15
If the World 4:17
Licking the V 2:16
Life on a Skateboard 3:59
Life on a Skateboard ?:??
Like Father 4:32
Like Father ?:??
Made of Gasoline 3:28
Made of Gasoline 2:51
One Small Boat 3:00
Outside 4:58
Reunion 3:08
Step Into My Groove 3:39
Step Into My Groove ?:??
Step Into My Groove (album mix) ?:??
Step Into My Groove (Psychedelic instrumental) 5:23
Step Into My Groove (Psychedelic mix) 5:20
Step Into My Groove (radio mix) 3:27
Step Into My Groove (radio mix) ?:??
Strong as I Am 5:30
Strong As I Am (acoustic) ?:??
Strong As I Am (album version) ?:??
Strong As I Am (radio edit) ?:??
Surrender Now 4:21
The Walking Down 5:53
Thinking About Moving to a Catatonic State 23:41
This Just Might Take Me Down 5 5:20
Until the Music Ends 5:39
Where Is Harrison Ford? 3:32

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