Samuel James

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Sugar Smallhouse Valentine 3:28
Another Back Yard Burial 3:59
Baby-Doll 3:11
Big Black Ben 3:32
Bigger, Blacker Ben 3:30
Camus 3:14
Cryin' Blind 4:13
Darlin' Maeve 3:28
Ghost 4:09
Holding Down the Sun 4:44
I'll Break Your Promise 3:28
I've Haddock Up to Here 3:06
Joe Fletcher's Blues 3:51
John Ross Said 2:47
Love & Mumbly-Peg 4:08
Mega 5:02
Mid-December Blues 5:06
Miss Noreen 3:08
Nineteen 4:30
One-Eyed Katie 1:39
Path of Ashes 3:04
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time) 3:14
Rosa's Sweet Lil' Love Song 3:33
Runnin' From My Baby's Gun, Whilst Previously Watchin' Butterflies From My Front Porch 5:15
Sleep Through All My Dreams 3:21
Sleepy Girl Blues 3:31
Sugar Smallhouse and the Legend of the Wandering Siren Cactus 5:05
Sugar Smallhouse Heads for the Hills 3:42
Sunrise Blues 4:33
Tan Sedan 4:19
The "Here Comes Nina" Country-Ragtime Surprise 3:17
The Execution of Big Black Ben (Part 1) 1:42
The Execution of Big Black Ben (Part 2) 1:49
The Gurdon, Arkansas, One-Legged Table Blues 4:49
The Sad Ballad of Ol' Willie Chan 3:45
The Secret 2:02
The Water's Always Changing, but the River... 3:27
Trouble on Congress Street Rag 4:02
Turkish Curse 2:23
Wooden Tombstone 2:56
Wooooooo Rosa 7:01

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