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Autumn Leavestenor saxophone日野皓正6:53
Black East Bluessolo and tenor saxophoneBob Moses2:51
Bluestrucktenor saxophone日野皓正4:57
Deusa Do Amourtenor saxophoneBob Moses5:54
Elegant Blue Ghosts (Dance Like Clouds Over Mean Street U.S.A.)tenor saxophoneBob Moses6:51
Felonious Thunktenor saxophoneBob Moses6:24
Gregarious Chantstenor saxophoneBob Moses2:22
Hugotenor saxophone日野皓正7:26
Kuumbwa Bluestenor saxophoneDmitri Matheny6:16
Lost in Your Eyestenor saxophoneBob Moses6:08
Mbira Tanzaniatenor saxophoneBob Moses9:28
Mbira Tanzaniasoprano saxophoneBob Moses9:28
Mbira Tanzaniaviolino piccolo [piccolo]Bob Moses9:28
Myth of the Rainy Nighttenor saxophoneDmitri Matheny7:36
Once in a Blue MoonfluteBob Moses4:19
Once in a Blue Moonsoprano saxophoneBob Moses4:19
Once in a Blue Moontenor saxophoneBob Moses4:19
Prelude (Simul-Circular Loopology in a Minor)tenor saxophoneBob Moses1:56
Rain Againtenor saxophone日野皓正7:14
Romancero Gitanotenor saxophone日野皓正8:03
Sweet Love of Minetenor saxophone日野皓正7:36
Time Stood Still (Africa and Back in a Day)tenor saxophoneBob Moses6:47
Time Stood Still (Africa and Back in a Day)soprano saxophoneBob Moses6:47
Time Stood Still (Africa and Back in a Day)fluteBob Moses6:47
Time-Outingtenor saxophone日野皓正6:46