Legal name: Adam Narkiewicz



2006When We Were YoungAkira The Don1
2011The Life EquationAkira the Don1
2014A.T.D.R.I.PAkira the Don1
2016GoldtronAkira the Don1
2017Goldtron IIAkira the Don1
2017ThemesAkira the Don1
2017JBPWAVE 2Akira the Don1
2017Bliss PointAkira the Don1
201812 Rules for Life: the AlbumAkira the Don1
2018JBPWAVE: A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX マトリックスAkira the Don1
2018JBPWAVE⁵ : A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop MixAkira the Don1
2018TimewaveAkira the Don feat. Terence McKenna1
2018Goldtron IIIAkira the Don1
2018Wattswave IV: DreamsAkira the Don1
2018JBPWAVE: G e n e s i sAkira the Don1
2018JBPWAVE: G e n e s i s InstrumentalsAkira the Don1
2018Elon: A Space OdysseyAkira the Don1
2018This Is WaterwaveAkira the Don1
2018SPACEWAVE: The Elon Instrumentals Vol. 1Akira the Don1
2018Goldtron IVAkira the Don1
2018The Immortal Stan LeeAkira the Don1
2018Lofi Christmas 2Akira the Don1
2018Meaningwave ChristmasAkira the Don1
2018Lofi BeatsAkira the Don1
2019The PathAkira the Don1
2019Wattswave V: The Web of LifeAkira the Don feat. Alan Watts1
2019Clockwork ElvesAkira the Don feat. Terence McKenna1
2019JBPWAVE: ParadiseAkira the Don1
2019JBPWAVE: FatherAkira the Don1
2020Songs of MythologyAkira the Don & Joseph Campbell1
2020WATTSWAVE VI: The Web of Life 2Akira the Don feat. Alan Watts1
2020EXPERIENCEAkira The Don & Joe Rogan2
2020WATTSWAVE II: How To Be A Better Person - THE ALBUMAkira the Don feat. Alan Watts1
2021JBPWAVE: AestheticAkira the Don1
2021The Chad FormulaAkira the Don1
2021The War On ConsciousnessAkira the Don feat. Graham Hancock1
2021The Best Of Meaningwave, Vol. 1Akira The Don1

Album + Compilation

2011Living in the FutureAkira the Don1

Album + DJ-mix

201812 Rules for Life: The AlbumAkira the Don × Jordan Peterson1

Album + Mixtape/Street

2012ATD28: Unkillable ThunderchristAkira the Don1


2005CLONESAkira the Don1
2009I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)Akira the Don1
2011JamieAkira the Don1
2011Living in the Future 2.5Akira the Don1
2012Video HighwayAkira the Don1
2012We Won't Be Broke Forever BabyAkira The Don ft. Gruff Rhys1
2013BallisticAkira the Don1
2014Rain in EnglandAkira the Don1
2015CrookedAkira the Don1
2016Stranger ThingsAkira the Don1
2017Twin Peaks Theme (Falling)Akira the Don1
2017Be a PlumberAkira the Don1
2017Twin PeaksAkira the Don1
2017Westworld ThemeAkira the Don1
2017Blade Runner ThemeAkira the Don1
2018LunchbucketAkira the Don1
2018MigiAkira the Don1
2018The Golden AgeAkira the Don1
2018TimeAkira the Don1
2018I Don’t Wanna Hear ThatAkira the Don1
2018WishesAkira the Don1
2018Meme MagicAkira the Don1
2018The WaveAkira the Don1
2018Do Something!Akira the Don1
2018TarantulasAkira the Don1
2018Look What's Going on With Santa ClausAkira the Don1
2019Stupid MemoriesAkira the Don1


2004Akira the Don's First EPAkira The Don1
2005AAA EPAkira The Don1
2006Five and a Half Songs About LoveAkira The Don1
2006Oh! (What a Glorious Thing) / BOOM! (Smash Stuff)Akira the Don1
2007HypocriteAkira the Don1
2010The Weed SongAkira the Don1
2011BabydollAkira the Don1
2016GOTHWAVEAkira The Don1
2016LitmasAkira the Don1
2018DunewaveAkira the Don1
2018BE MEAkira the Don1
2018Intellectual Dark Wave: NemesisAkira the Don1

Other + DJ-mix

2018WATTSWAVE 2 ⚡🌊 : An Alan Watts Lofi Hip Hop MixAkira the Don1
2018JBPWAVE 6: Confront The Dragon, Get The GoldAkira the Don1

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