C/A/T (Ben Arp)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(S)election C/A/T 4:41
(Still) Dead to Me C/A/T 4:32
(We Make) Music to Piss You Off C/A/T 3:45
[untitled] C/A/T 0:34
51X_Reveal C/A/T 3:04
A Cold Shell C/A/T 12:07
A Line in the Sand C/A/T 5:10
A Line in the Sand (One Step Over mix) C/A/T 4:59
At Peace C/A/T 4:35
Battle Data > 51X_942 C/A/T USHM81110999 4:02
Battle Data > 51X_67245 C/A/T USHM81110998 5:01
Bunnyman C/A/T 5:23
Chemical Skies C/A/T 4:46
Cleared Channel C/A/T 3:59
Cleared Channel (Corporate Control mix) C/A/T 3:59
Clonacion Epidemica H.I.V.+ vs. C/A/T 4:46
COMA5 C/A/T 4:44
Crisis Construction C/A/T 5:52
Critical C/A/T 5:01
Dead to Me C/A/T 4:28
Dead to Me (Bitch Brigade remix) C/A/T 3:01
Deafening Silence C/A/T 4:23
Deathkey C/A/T feat. Caustic 3:59
Denied C/A/T 4:09
Denied (Ghost of Disco Past mix by Alter Der Ruine) C/A/T 4:10
Destroying Ourselves C/A/T 4:35
Destruction by Design C/A/T 4:40
Drawing a Line in the Sand C/A/T 5:10
Dying Morality C/A/T 5:22
Encounter X4I C/A/T USHM81110994 6:08
Encounter X32 C/A/T USHM81110995 4:19
End of Recording C/A/T USHM81111000 1:15
Enemy Within C/A/T 4:26
Enemy Within (Battle for New Orleans mix) C/A/T 4:12
Enemy Within (demo mix) C/A/T 4:24
Enemy Within (Terrorfakt remix) C/A/T 3:10
Enhancer C/A/T 4:18
Enhancer (Cervello Elettronico mix) C/A/T 4:38
Enhancer (Triple D Cl0b mix) C/A/T 4:01
Enhancer (V.2) C/A/T 5:03
Escape > City Area #589191 C/A/T USHM81110997 4:35
Escape > Wooded Area #6432 C/A/T USHM81110996 4:55
Evidence 294 C/A/T USHM81110992 3:47
Evidence 699 C/A/T USHM81110993 4:27
Fall Out C/A/T 3:48
Fiebre en la pasarela (feat. Epidemia) C/A/T 4:33
Final Kitty C/A/T 6:56
Global Power Elite C/A/T 4:20
HBK C/A/T 4:20
HBK (2003) C/A/T 3:44
HBK (A.D.D. remix) C/A/T 4:20
HBK (Der Stahlhelm D.S. remix) C/A/T 5:44
HBK (Incorporeal) C/A/T 6:02
HBK (live) C/A/T 3:13
HBK (Motion Restart remix by Burn) C/A/T 3:55
HBK (Pecan) C/A/T 3:19
HBK (Stolen Light remix) C/A/T 4:20
HBK (Unter Null remix) C/A/T 4:35
I Fear... It Will Not End Well for Us C/A/T 5:14
Influx C/A/T 5:12
Left for Dead C/A/T 5:40
Left for Dead (Crowning the Witch mix by Prometheus Burning) C/A/T 5:44
Left for Dead (Polluted Axis Is Stealing Your Oontz to Microwave Some Dubsuck Flavored Hot Pockets) C/A/T 9:29
Left for Dead (Polluted Axis Would Rather Have You Left for Cookies) C/A/T 5:55
Liability C/A/T 3:58
Liturgy C/A/T 5:58
Liturgy of the Free C/A/T 4:11
Liturgy of the Free (Burn mix) C/A/T 4:47
Live With Myself C/A/T 5:37
Live With Myself (edit) C/A/T 5:12
Live With Myself (Polluted Axis Happily Marches Into Starvation, Poverty and Chaos mix) C/A/T 5:19
Live With Myself (Polluted Axis Still Happily Marches Into Starvation, Poverty, and Chaos) C/A/T 5:20
Love Story C/A/T 2:48
Malice C/A/T 4:42
Music to Piss You Off (album mix) C/A/T 4:12
Music to Piss You Off (SAM remix) C/A/T 4:26
Noizemaker C/A/T 4:43
Noizemaker (2004 original) C/A/T 4:41
Numb C/A/T 3:36
Numb (Desensitized remix by Manufactura) C/A/T 4:33
Numb (Understanding Impact mix by Marching Dynamics) C/A/T 4:27
Number 6 C/A/T 5:35
O.peration I.raqi L.iberation C/A/T 5:26
On the Beat C/A/T vs. BB & Q Band 3:15
One Final Party C/A/T 4:01
Pairasight (instrumental mix) C/A/T 4:22
Paranoia C/A/T 6:18
Parasite C/A/T 4:49
Parasite (BFQ remix by UberByte) C/A/T 5:03
Parasite (Caustic remix) C/A/T 3:35
Parasite (removed) C/A/T 5:00
Parasite (Slayv Axis remix) C/A/T 4:25
Perception Virus C/A/T 3:34
Persuasion C/A/T 4:15
Point of No Return C/A/T 4:14
Point of No Return C/A/T 4:14
Point of No Return (Fire, Glass & Blood by [syndika:zero]) C/A/T 5:54
Problem C/A/T 5:04
Reaction (Human) C/A/T 5:11
Reaction (Official) C/A/T 4:12

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