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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Problem Yet to Be Solved 3:48
Aim Not at the Kingdom High FR33T9801208 5:46
Any Kind of Magic or Miracle 7:07
Better Grieved Than Fooled 5:58
Built on Sand 3:21
Can't Kill What's Already Dead FR33T0003506 3:38
Children's Laughter 1:44
Cold Heart Forged in Hell 5:00
Complete Demise 4:29
Dance to the Song of Apathy 4:40
Day of Suffering (Morbid Angel cover) FR33T9802203 1:36
Dethrone the Hypocrites FR33T9801207 6:04
Die Laughing FR33T0103501 3:58
Disobedience Pays 5:20
Downward Spiral Into Madness 5:29
Drain of Blood FR33T0003509 3:58
Dreamon FR33T0003505 2:26
Entropy Within 4:06
Faith, Hope, Self-Deception FR33T0003502 5:26
God of Death FR33T0003503 3:55
I Would Dream of Blood 5:30
In My Eyes ?:??
Infectious Souls of Mine ?:??
Insurrection FR33T0003507 4:31
Lashes Upon His Face / Livid ?:??
Leaving the Spirit Behind 3:45
Let Me Become Your Fallen Messiah FR33T9802201 3:37
Let the Heavens Hate FR33T9801202 3:50
Metamorphosis by the Well of Truth FR33T0003504 4:37
Released When You Are Dead FR33T9801201 4:22
Released When You're Dead 3:14
Renunciation 5:44
River ?:??
Sewerages of the Mind 4:31
Shackled to Guilt 3:49
Slain Upon His Altar FR33T9801205 4:38
The Conductor's Departure 8:29
The Drowning 3:57
The Enigma of Number Three FR33T0003508 5:29
The Great Juggler 6:01
The Temple / Erratic FR33T0003510 8:44
The Tranquillity of My Last Breath (Bethzaida cover) FR33T9802204 4:23
Those Who Lick the Wounds of Christ FR33T9801206 6:49
Under Azure Skies FR33T9801203 5:39
Under the Debris 5:57
Vast Lands / Infernal Gates FR33T9801204 5:07
With Me You Shall Fall FR33T9802202 5:25

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