Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Impatient) Youth (Impatient) Youth 4:00
All for Fun (Impatient) Youth 3:11
Business Man (Impatient) Youth 1:46
Can You Hear Me? (Impatient) Youth 2:34
Definition Empty (Impatient) Youth 1:55
Definition Empty (Impatient) Youth 1:50
Don't Listen to the Radio (Impatient) Youth 3:15
Don't Make Me Laugh (Impatient) Youth 2:08
Fingers on the Trigger Now (Impatient) Youth 2:31
Freedom Tickets (Impatient) Youth 2:56
Frontline (Impatient) Youth 2:22
I'm Going to Explode (Impatient) Youth 2:50
IG 26 Impatient Youth 2:41
In Your Backyard (Impatient) Youth 2:14
JG 26 (Impatient) Youth 2:40
Just Another Joe (Impatient) Youth 2:22
Nowhere Street (Impatient) Youth 1:48
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition (Impatient) Youth 2:27
Rat Pack (Impatient) Youth 2:35
Sex Affair (Impatient) Youth 1:44
Suburban Boy (Impatient) Youth 3:01
Take It From Them / Duplicate (live, 1978: San Francisco, USA) (Impatient) Youth 3:50
Take Me Back (Impatient) Youth 2:38
The Same (Impatient) Youth 2:51
The Workbells Ring (Impatient) Youth 2:48
Wasted Life (Impatient) Youth 2:45
We're Dead (Impatient) Youth 2:41
Welfare Payments - Social Security (live, 1978: San Francisco, USA) (Impatient) Youth 2:10
Were You Popular in High School (Impatient) Youth 2:46
Working Girl (Impatient) Youth 2:38
Yankee Go Home (Impatient) Youth 2:41

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