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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Cry Among the Stars Tragødia 4:40
A Temple in Time Tragødia 4:43
Barbarian Pride Tragødia 5:27
Born Under Niobe Tragødia 5:49
By the Gates of Oblivion Tragødia 4:14
Darkness We Felt Tragodia ?:??
Decline Tragødia 5:52
Deep Space Confine Tragødia 4:13
Dionysia Tragodia ?:??
Downfall of the Ancients Tragødia 5:14
Elegy of the Restless Tragødia 3:33
Forsaken Dreams Tragødia 4:58
Iceberg Tragødia 4:39
Icons in a Wasteland Tragødia 5:31
Love Among the Ruins Tragødia 4:48
Mother Wisdom, Father War Tragødia 3:50
Mythmaker Tragødia 4:13
Nea Ghenesis Tragodia ?:??
Of Beauty and Tempest Tragødia 6:28
Once in Arcadia Tragødia 4:35
Once We Were Titans Tragødia 5:52
Painland Tragodia 6:43
Sanctified Tragodia ?:??
Tentacles Tragødia 5:32
The Desert Call (All Our Miseries) Tragodia 7:03
The Eve of the End Tragødia 4:44
The Fields of Yore Tragødia 5:12
The Last Angel's Flight Tragodia ?:??
The Manifest of Decadence Tragodia 3:07
The Oracle and the Muse Tragødia 4:43
The Promethean Legacy Tragodia 7:29
The Siege Tragødia 4:52
The Stone and the Idol Tragødia 6:21
The Stones of Uruk Tragødia 6:34
The Weeping Rock of Seriphus Tragødia 3:01
The Wreck of Hope Tragødia 4:02
Tidal Waves of Greatness Tragødia 4:41
To Perceive the Form Tragodia 5:39
Wisdom in the Meadows of Sorrow Tragødia 4:10
With the Feeble Flame of Passion Tragodia ?:??

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