Kevin Feazey

~ Person


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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Angel's Shotgun Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 4:19
Beggars Can't Be Choosers David Woodcock 2:38
Elizabeth Glue Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 4:06
End Of An Era David Woodcock 2:26
I Forgot To Miss You (Late Night At The Railway Hotel) David Woodcock 4:30
Just A Friend David Woodcock 3:03
La Cygne Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 5:07
Lights of Rock Savage Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 4:43
Memories David Woodcock 4:03
Open Secret David Woodcock 4:08
Relatively Single Man David Woodcock 2:42
Royving Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 3:39
Same Things David Woodcock 3:35
Sheriff Full of Blessings Part 1 Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 4:43
Sheriff Full of Blessings Part 2 Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 1:52
Splinters David Woodcock 3:33
Springtime In New York David Woodcock 3:02
Swallow Falls Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 6:32
The Adventures Of You And Me David Woodcock 4:59
The Dear One Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 2:55
The Girl I Used To Know David Woodcock 2:35
Tuns Kev Feazey Baltic Fleet 4:43
Another Man Comin' Big Sexy Noise 4:41
Baby Faced Killer Big Sexy Noise 4:19
Bad for Bobby Big Sexy Noise 3:19
Big Ship Ultrasound 5:36
Dark Eyes Big Sexy Noise 2:50
Digging the Hole Big Sexy Noise 3:22
Doughboy Big Sexy Noise 2:19
God Is a Bullet Big Sexy Noise 3:29
Gospel Singer Big Sexy Noise 2:56
Kill Your Sons Big Sexy Noise 4:15
Slydell Big Sexy Noise 3:54
Spell With a Shell Silvery 3:22
That Smell Big Sexy Noise 3:47
Your Love Don't Pay My Rent Big Sexy Noise 3:37