Tor Hyams

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Al Hanisim (Because of the Miracles) 2:50
Chad Gadya (A Small Goat) 3:36
Chag Yafe (Chanukah, Chanukah) 5:24
Donna Donna 4:23
Ein K'elokeinu (There is None Like Our G-d) 3:59
Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet) 3:21
Go and Hush the Baby 2:23
Hey Jack, What's in the Sack? 3:23
Hinei Ma Tov (Here is What is Good) 3:56
Lilah Tov (Good Night) 2:37
Ma Nishtana - Reprise 3:36
Ma Nishtana (What is Different on this Night) 4:36
Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages) 4:08
Mi Yimalel (Who Will Retell the Story) 4:30
My Yiddishe Mama 5:20
Oseh Shalom (Make Peace) 5:18
The Same Ground ?:??
This Is Chanukah 4:09

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