Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
4 am T.F.E. 5:52
Allright Motherfucker T.F.E. 3:06
Autumn T.F.E. 4:17
Boring Day T.F.E. 7:40
Broken Dreams (Requiem for Stephan) Erik Moilanen 3:53
Burned Out T.F.E. 4:25
Crazy Experience T.F.E. 3:22
Early Twillight T.F.E. 3:57
Emptiness T.F.E. 4:24
Even the Greatest Stars Erik Moilanen 4:15
Evening Horizon Erik Moilanen 4:27
Farmers Dance T.F.E. 3:45
Fever (feat. Kristin Pressler) T.F.E. 5:00
I'm T.F.E. T.F.E. 3:32
Intro T.F.E. 2:56
Journey Erik Moilanen 5:00
Journey (intro-version) Erik Moilanen 3:17
Justina T.F.E. 4:20
Kaffee-Cola-Perversling (Demoversion) T.F.E. 4:00
Kaffee-Cola-Perversling (Latinoversion) (feat. Jan Scheibler) T.F.E. 3:47
Last Breath Erik Moilanen 3:22
Love Erik Moilanen 2:54
Maybe I Just Come T.F.E. 5:24
Move! T.F.E. 3:18
Old Shoes Erik Moilanen 2:52
Pimp Your Beat T.F.E. 3:47
Pivo I Wodka T.F.E. 4:16
Possibilities Erik Moilanen 5:07
Red Erik Moilanen 4:04
Remember T.F.E. 6:24
Remember (extended version) T.F.E. 8:42
Remember (original mix) T.F.E. 6:26
Remember (Shortcut) T.F.E. 5:21
Sarah and Emma T.F.E. 5:42
Space DJ's (We Are Com(ing)) T.F.E. 4:28
Stephan R.I.P. Erik Moilanen 2:58
Strange Noises (feat. Robert & Katja Böhme; Jan Scheibler) T.F.E. 4:35
Sunset T.F.E. 5:51
The Cliffs (Soft edit) T.F.E. 2:54
The Dramatic Dance T.F.E. 3:10
The Morning After T.F.E. 4:05
The Sunrise (2nd edit) T.F.E. 3:50
The Sunrise (original mix) T.F.E. 3:54
The Work Is Finnished T.F.E. 6:42
To the North - Find Some Rest Erik Moilanen 4:26
Under Construction Erik Moilanen 3:56
Watching the Stars at Night Erik Moilanen 3:29
We Are Are Actors (feat. Frank Glanz, Jenny Matthes, Richard Träger) T.F.E. 4:19
Winterfun T.F.E. 3:46
Your Chemistry T.F.E. 4:00
Your Sexappeal T.F.E. 5:17

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