Chaser (UK techno duo Lars Sandberg & Nigel Hayes)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Assassin 6:05
Billy Away 4:00
Bite the Bullet (Francois Dubois remix) (part of a “Balance 022: Funk D’Void” DJ‐mix) 4:07
Blue Planet 7:21
Blue Planet 5:45
Blue Planet 8:07
Blue Planet 5:58
Blue Planet (Abacus remix) 6:49
Blue Planet (Fila Brazillia remix) 4:45
Blue Planet (Maas remix) 7:33
Blue Planet (Maas remix) 6:04
Blue Planet (Maas remix) ?:??
Blue Planet (original mix) 7:10
Blue Planet (original mix) ?:??
Changing Minds 4:22
Changing Minds 4:00
Changing Minds 4:00
Destination Unknown 6:31
Everything Must Change 6:58
F-train 7:59
F-Train 2:57
Friend Like You 5:59
Life in Loisaida 7:25
Life in Loisaida 7:27
Life in Loisaida 9:02
Life in Loisaida 8:58
Life in Loisaida 6:32
Life in Loisaida 7:07
More Than You Know 4:51
Sides of Iron 7:18
Sides of Iron 6:22
Sides of Iron 7:18
Sides of Iron 7:15
Sides of Iron 5:17
Sides of Iron ?:??
Sleazy Listening 7:34
Tall Stories 5:32
Tall Stories 8:26
Tall Stories (part of “Chill House” DJ-mix) ?:??
Tall Stories (extended mix) 8:45
Tall Stories (extended mix) 8:23
Tall Stories (Ian Pooley's Lars From Mars mix) 5:14
Tall Stories (Lars from Mars mix) 2:18
Tall Stories (Pooley's "Lars From Mars" mix) 6:13
Tall Stories (Pooley's "Lars From Mars" mix) ?:??
Tall Stories (Pooley's "Lars From Mars" mix) 5:16
Tall Stories (Pooley's "Lars From Mars" mix) 3:22
Tall Stories (Pooley's Deep mix) 6:01
Tall Stories (Pooleys Lars From Mars' mix) 4:16
Theme From Chaser 3:41

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