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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Audio Avenue FantomenK 4:26
Audio Avenue FantomenK 4:25
Berlin FantomenK 2:01
Bionic Belly Button FantomenK 5:39
Boss Battle A FantomenK 4:07
Boss Battle B FantomenK 1:39
Chernobyl FantomenK 2:58
Christmas X (medley) FantomenK 2:42
Cpu Mood FantomenK 5:21
CPU Mood FantomenK 5:21
Crystal Tokyo meganeko & FantomenK ?:??
Dance of the incognizant FantomenK 7:07
Dance of the Incognizant FantomenK 5 7:07
Dancing With Kites FantomenK 5:37
Den milda graden FantomenK 2:55
Det loeser sig (remix) FantomenK 3:39
Det snurrar i min skalle FantomenK feat. Maja 5:36
Det var han FantomenK 4:44
Det var han (Familjen remake) FantomenK 4:45
Dischipo FantomenK 5:26
DisChipo FantomenK 5:25
Dr. Wily FantomenK 4:14
Fanto Man FantomenK 2:42
Follow me FantomenK 3:27
Follow Me FantomenK, Pato Pooh & Adam Tensta 3:35
Game Clear FantomenK 2:33
Getting melodies out of my head FantomenK 3:36
Getting Melodies Out of My Head FantomenK 3:36
Glitched Out FantomenK 3:08
Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter FantomenK 6:07
Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter FantomenK 5:42
Greeaatest Song Ever FantomenK 0:48
His Creations Persecute Us FantomenK 5:25
Irafghanistastan FantomenK 2:36
jet man stage (arranged by FantomenK) FantomenK 3:07
Jet Man Stage (Rokko Chan remix) FantomenK 3:08
Jump Up and Bounce Down FantomenK 4:49
Jump Up And Bounce Down FantomenK 5:13
Make Me Wanna FantomenK 6:04
Minimal FantomenK 1:58
Moscow FantomenK 2:08
Mountain Valley MoxoM & FantomenK 3:44
Neo Geo Song (instrumental) FantomenK 3:52
On the Edge of Tomorrow FantomenK feat. Moa Lenngren & Tom Mauritzon 3:54
Paco the Judo Popcorn FantomenK 2:34
Platforms & Pitfalls FantomenK 3:11
Playing With Power FantomenK 4:47
Playing With Power FantomenK 4:46
Robot Love FantomenK 3:46
Skane FantomenK 4:13
Slayer Waves FantomenK 3:33
Snuff FantomenK 4:02
Taking a Nap in the Jungle FantomenK 5 6:35
Taking a Nap In The Jungle FantomenK 6:34
Teddy FantomenK 2:28
Tengil FantomenK 3:58
That Short Tune FantomenK 0:57
The Massacre FantomenK 3:14
The Massacre FantomenK 2:51
The Massacre (extended version) FantomenK 4:06
The Sprites and You FantomenK 3:20
The Sprites And You FantomenK 3:30
Theme Song FantomenK 1:36
Tiny Tunes FantomenK 3:58
Tiny Tunes FantomenK 3:54
To the Moon Dunderpatrullen & FantomenK SE34N1400111 3:49
To the Moon (Henry Homesweet DJ-Mix, part of Essential Chip Mix 2014) Dunderpatrullen feat. FantomenK ?:??
Tru Fun Game Loop FantomenK 2:58
Untie and Unite FantomenK 4:03
Virgin Birds FantomenK 4:54
Virgin Birds FantomenK 4:53
Washington D.C FantomenK 1:37
Winter Drug FantomenK 2:01

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