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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Ain't That a Shame Zooparty 4:41
Angry-La Zooparty 1:59
Another Pack of Lies Zooparty ?:??
Another Pack of Lies Zooparty featuring Brian James 2:33
Anymore Zooparty 2:38
Bi-Polar Express Zooparty 2:51
Bozo Zooparty ?:??
Bring the Bored Zooparty 2:37
Bring the Bored Zooparty ?:??
C'mon Zooparty ?:??
Crime Scene Investigators Zooparty 1:15
Criminals Police the Criminals Zooparty ?:??
Die Zooparty ?:??
Die Zooparty ?:??
Don’t Be Afraid of Love Zooparty 2:27
Dutch Courage Zooparty ?:??
Eight Lives Down (And One to Go) Zooparty ?:??
Everything I Failed to Be Zooparty 2:02
First Degree Stupidity Zooparty ?:??
General Cutter Zooparty ?:??
Get Out of It Zooparty 2:19
Give It Up Zooparty 3:27
Give It Up Zooparty ?:??
Grieve Zooparty 2:58
Hardcore Zooparty 3:15
Hearts Don’t Lie Zooparty 2:00
Human Prey Zooparty 1:31
I Wanna Be a Wannabe Zooparty 2:49
I'm Your Only Answer Zooparty 3:03
If It Ain’t Right (How Can It Feel So Good) Zooparty ?:??
Insane Zooparty ?:??
Intro Zooparty ?:??
Is This All We Need? Zooparty 3:19
Is This All We Need? Zooparty ?:??
Lardass Zooparty 2:40
Laying Low Is Not What We Do Zooparty ?:??
Like Dancing on Deathrow Zooparty ?:??
Neat Freak Zooparty ?:??
No Point at All Zooparty 2:16
P.M.A. Zooparty ?:??
Raised on Boredom Zooparty ?:??
Razorblades Zooparty 2:15
Remember to Forget Zooparty 2:20
Set the World on Fire Zooparty 2:02
Shaken and Disturbed Zooparty 2:40
Shout It Out Zooparty ?:??
Sick of the Racket Zooparty ?:??
Smile Zooparty 2:00
Smile Zooparty 2:03
So Many Second Chances Zooparty 2:00
Some Humans Are Also Humans Zooparty ?:??
The Fuse Zooparty 3:46
The Fuse Zooparty 3:46
The Nevers Zooparty ?:??
The Race Has Begun Zooparty 2:00
This Time Around Zooparty 2:58
Trading Happiness for Songs Zooparty 1:40
Two Different Sets of Rules Zooparty 2:26
Two for the Price of None Zooparty 2:16
Upon9 Zooparty 2:22
Wake Up Zooparty 2:33
We Have the Right to Know What's Wrong Zooparty ?:??
What Do You Want From Me Zooparty 2:13
What You See Is What You Get Zooparty 3:00
Why Must the Good Ones Die Zooparty 3:24
Why Must You Be Happy, When You Can Be Normal Zooparty 1:40
Words Are Like Napalm Zooparty ?:??
You Don’t Know Me Zooparty 3:02
You Must Be Joking Zooparty ?:??
Your Truth Is a Lie Zooparty 2:51
Zooparty Zooparty 2:09

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