Janick Gers

~ Person


member of:White Spirit (from 1975 until 1981-06)
Gillan (from 1981-06 until 1982-12: guitar)
Iron Maiden (English heavy metal band) (from 1990 to present: guitar)
supporting guitar by:Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist) (from 1989 until 1992)
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1981-06-29If You Believe Me (live 1981-06-29: Munich, Gemany)guitarGillan12:05
1981-06-29No Easy Way (live 1981-06-29: Munich, Gemany)guitarGillan6:30
1981-08-29Bite the Bullet (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan6:34
1981-08-29Hadely Bop Bop (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan3:59
1981-08-29Lucille (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan4:35
1981-08-29Mutually Assured Destruction (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan5:13
1981-08-29New Orleans (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan8:52
1981-08-29No Easy Way (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan10:54
1981-08-29No Laughing in Heaven (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan4:58
1981-08-29On the Rocks (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan6:32
1981-08-29Second Sight (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan2:14
1981-08-29Smoke on the Water (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan12:54
1981-08-29Trouble (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan3:25
1981-08-29Unchain Your Brain (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan4:32
1981-08-29Vengeance (live, 1981-8-29: Reading Festival, Reading, UK)guitarGillan4:25
1982-04-23Born to Kill (live, 1982-4-23: BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show, UK)guitarGillan8:47
1982-04-23Hadely Bop Bop (live, 1982-4-23: BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show, UK)guitarGillan2:48
1982-04-23Mutually Assured Destruction (live, 1982-4-23: BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show, UK)guitarGillan5:07
1982-04-23No Laughing in Heaven (live, 1982-4-23: BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show, UK)guitarGillan4:12
1982-04-23Vengeance (live, 1982-4-23: BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show, UK)guitarGillan3:54
1982-11-06Black Night (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan4:16
1982-11-06Bluesy Blue Sea (live, 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan4:39
1982-11-06Born to Kill (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan9:48
1982-11-06Hadely Bop Bop (live, 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan3:13
1982-11-06MAD (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan4:27
1982-11-06No Laughing in Heaven (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan4:07
1982-11-06Smoke on the Water (live, 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan7:40
1982-11-06Trouble (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan3:00
1982-11-06What's the Matter (live 1982-11-06: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)guitarGillan4:21
1982-12-17Bite the Bullet (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan2:44
1982-12-17Black Night (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan4:30
1982-12-17Bluesy Blue Sea (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan4:27
1982-12-17Born to Kill (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan9:52
1982-12-17Dead of Night (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan3:35
1982-12-17Gers Guitar Medley, Volume 11 (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan7:47
1982-12-17Hadely Bop Bop (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan3:01
1982-12-17Helter Skelter (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan6:30
1982-12-17Mutually Assured Destruction (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan4:23
1982-12-17New Orleans (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan3:38
1982-12-17Second Sight (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan1:25
1982-12-17Smoke on the Water (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan7:09
1982-12-17Trouble (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan2:54
1982-12-17What's the Matter (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)guitarGillan3:50
1989All the Young Dudeselectric guitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989All the Young DudesguitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989All the Young DudesguitarBruce Dickinson3:48
1989Ballad of Muttacoustic guitarBruce Dickinson3:33
1989Born in '58electric guitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989Born in '58guitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989Born in ’58guitarBruce Dickinson3:39
1989Darkness Be My Friendelectric guitarBruce Dickinson2:01
1989Dive! Dive! Dive!guitarBruce Dickinson4:41
1989Dive! Dive! Dive!guitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989Gypsy RoadguitarBruce Dickinson4:01
1989Hell on WheelsguitarBruce Dickinson3:40
1989Lickin’ the GunguitarBruce Dickinson3:17
1989No LiesguitarBruce Dickinson6:17
1989No LiesguitarBruce Dickinson4:39
1989Sin Cityelectric guitarBruce Dickinson4:39
1989Sin CityguitarBruce Dickinson4:39
1989Son of a GunguitarBruce Dickinson5:53
1989Tattooed MillionaireguitarBruce Dickinson?:??
1989Tattooed MillionaireguitarBruce Dickinson4:28
1989Tattooed Millionaire (radio remix)guitarBruce Dickinson4:07
1989View From the Hillelectric guitarFish6:39
1989Winds of ChangeguitarBruce Dickinson4:14
1989Winds of Change (acoustic version)acoustic guitarBruce Dickinson3:23
1989Zulu LuluguitarBruce Dickinson3:27
1990-06-27Black Night (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson4:34
1990-06-27Dive! Dive! Dive! (live) (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson4:43
1990-06-27Fog on the Tyne (live acoustic, 1990: London Astoria, UK) (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson3:57
1990-06-27Riding With the Angels (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson4:23
1990-06-27Sin City (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson4:50
1990-06-27Son of a Gun (live) (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, Westminster, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson5:53
1990-06-27Tattooed Millionaire (live, 1990-06-27: Astoria Theatre, Westminster, London, England, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson4:36
1990-06-27Winds of Change (live acoustic, 1990: London Astoria, UK)guitarBruce Dickinson3:28
1990-06 – 1990-09All in Your Mindelectric guitarIron Maiden4:31
1990-06 – 1990-09Bring Your Daughter... To the Slaughterelectric guitarIron Maiden4:44
1990-06 – 1990-09Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughterelectric guitarIron Maiden4:44
1990-06 – 1990-09Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughterelectric guitarIron Maiden4:42
1990-06 – 1990-09Communication Breakdownelectric guitarIron Maiden2:41
1990-06 – 1990-09Fates Warningelectric guitarIron Maiden4:11
1990-06 – 1990-09Holy Smoke (censored version)electric guitarIron Maiden3:35
1990-06 – 1990-09Holy Smokeelectric guitarIron Maiden3:53
1990-06 – 1990-09Holy Smokeelectric guitarIron Maiden4:03
1990-06 – 1990-09Holy Smokeelectric guitarIron Maiden3:49
1990-06 – 1990-09Holy Smoke (early version)electric guitarIron Maiden3:36
1990-06 – 1990-09Hooks in Youelectric guitarIron Maiden4:07
1990-06 – 1990-09I’m a Moverelectric guitarIron Maiden3:29
1990-06 – 1990-09Kill Me Ce Soirelectric guitarIron Maiden6:17
1990-06 – 1990-09Mother Russiaelectric guitarIron Maiden5:32
1990-06 – 1990-09No Prayer for the Dyingelectric guitarIron Maiden4:23
1990-06 – 1990-09Public Enema Number Oneelectric guitarIron Maiden4:13
1990-06 – 1990-09Run Silent Run Deepelectric guitarIron Maiden4:35
1990-06 – 1990-09Tailgunnerelectric guitarIron Maiden4:26
1990-06 – 1990-09Tailgunnerelectric guitarIron Maiden4:15
1990-06 – 1990-09Tailgunnerelectric guitarIron Maiden?:??
1990-06 – 1990-09Tailgunnerelectric guitarIron Maiden4:14
1990-06 – 1990-09The AssassinguitarIron Maiden4:16
1990-06 – 1990-09The Assassinelectric guitarIron Maiden4:35
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