Airbase (trance/progressive DJ & producer from Gothenburg, Sweden)

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legal name: Jezper Söderlund
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Love Theme Dusk (Airbase presents Parc remix) Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners 6:17
Break My Fall (Airbase remix) additional Tiësto feat. BT 8:25
Break My Fall (Airbase remix) Tiësto feat. BT 6:06
Break My Fall (Airbase remix) Tiësto feat. BT 8:25
Daybreaker (Airbase Elektech remix) Kenny Hayes 8:19
Elements of Life (Airbase remix) Tiësto 8:13
Far From in Love (Airbase remix) Above & Beyond 6:47
Far From in Love (Airbase remix) (live, 2003-03-10: Einslive Einheits Rave, Detmold, Germany) Above & Beyond 5:00
Neon (Airbase Remake) Moogwai 9:08
Nothing to Loose (Airbase mix) Jaron Inc. 7:58
Rise (Leave Me Alone) (Airbase Damage remake) Safri Duo 9:53
Smooth (Airbase club mix) iiO 9:47
Smooth (Airbase radio) iiO 3:23
Smooth (Airbase remix) iiO 3:20
The Flute (Airbase mix) (part of “Transmission Trance Anthems 2005, 5” DJ-mix) Avanto 5:31
Touched by the Sun (Airbase remix) Envio 7:38
Wanna Be An Angel (Airbase Remix) Tekara 7:35