members: Juju (rapper Jerry Tineo (Beatnuts))
Psycho Les
subgroup of: LIKNUTS
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Thinkin ’bout Cash
Are You Ready Grand Puba feat. The Beatnuts 2:25
Dude Descending a Staircase Apollo 440 feat. The Beatnuts 5:04
Fuck With Us DJ Honda feat. The Beatnuts, Buttah of the Rawcotiks, Willie Stubs & Marly Gatz ?:??
Off the Books Big Pun feat. The Beatnuts 2:49
Rock Ya Shoulders guest Recordkingz feat. The Beatnuts 3:33
Sofrito mamá Tony Touch feat. The Beatnuts and D’Mingo 4:36
Suicide Bomb Non Phixion feat. The Beatnuts 2:25
Who the Trifest? DJ Honda feat. The Beatnuts 3:36
Woody DJ Tomekk feat. Beatnuts 3:40
#IRunThis (intro) Mr. Krane 3:25
2-3 Break The Beatnuts feat. Gab 3:17
All Over the Track Al'Tariq 2:56
Around the Clock Down South 4:00
Ay ay ay Malafama Squad ?:??
Crime Pays Al'Tariq 3:49
Do You Thang Al'Tariq 4:02
Foxxxy Brown Al'Tariq 3:47
Fried Chicken The Beatnuts 3:57
Funky Lemonade '92 Chi-Ali 4:08
Get Down Baby Al'Tariq 3:11
Get Funky The Beatnuts 3:37
God's Gonnect Al'Tariq feat. Black Attack & Rawcotiks 4:27
Hellraiser The Beatnuts 3:09
Hit Me With That The Beatnuts 3:36
Intro The Beatnuts 1:47
Let Off a Couple The Beatnuts 1:43
Lick the Pussy The Beatnuts 4:18
Lost in Brooklyn Down South 3:20
Misery Needs Company Fat Joe feat. Noreaga 4:22
Open Sesame Down South 3:32
Peace Akki Al'Tariq feat. The Beatnuts 4:08
Props Over Here The Beatnuts 3:59
Psycho Dwarf The Beatnuts 6:38
Rik's Joint The Beatnuts 4:01
Roadrunner (LP version) Chi-Ali 3:54
Sandwiches The Beatnuts 1:33
Screwed Up Screwball feat. Psycho Les 4:22
Simple Murder The Beatnuts 2:54
Simple Murder (original/Vision remix) The Beatnuts 3:24
Straight Jacket The Beatnuts 3:56
Superbad The Beatnuts 3:57
The Fabulous Chi Chi-Ali 2:42
The Nod Factor Mad Skillz 3:58
Think Not Al'Tariq feat. Problemz 5:14
Thinkin ’Bout Cash The Beatnuts feat. Hostyle & The Poet 4:57
Yeah You Get Props The Beatnuts 3:29
The Beatnuts Remix EP: The Spot The Beatnuts
I Like It (Lounge mix) Jomanda 4:09
I Like It (Vibes instrumental) Jomanda 4:15
I Like It (Vibes mix) Jomanda 4:14
Shade Business (The Beatnuts remix) PMD 3:55
Steppin’ (remix) Soulive 3:26
Tinseltown to the Boogiedown (Beatnuts remix) Mos Def feat. Lee Majors & Scritty Politty 3:19
Tinseltown to the Boogiedown (Beatnuts remix) Scritti Politti feat. Mos Def & Jimahl 4:56
Don't Fail Me Now guest Chino XL feat. Beatnuts 4:06
Oh My God guest Masta Ace feat. The Beatnuts & Rahzel 3:50
Suicide Bomb guest and lead vocals Non Phixion feat. The Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Marley Metal & Moonshine 3:33